Farmageddon: Who’s at the top  of the food chain? |

Farmageddon: Who’s at the top  of the food chain?

Small farms are vanishing at light speed while corporate farms and Big Agriculture pick up the slack. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the number of farms in the United States has fallen from about 6.8 million in 1935 to about 2 million today.

Although farms in America are producing more than ever, food is increasingly being grown by conglomerates who can monopolize the food supply and cause inflation through regular price-fixing schemes.

Check out the price of tomatoes, then do the math. Anti-trust laws are practically worthless today.

So who are the ones at the top of the food chain? None dare call it treason or an outright conspiracy where the FDA and big government continues to place Agenda 21 as a master plan into the mix, while at the same time the CEOs of the kingdom put their hands to the plow, leaving countless family farmers in the dust.

Once most of the major farmland  is in the hands of Big Agri or foreign countries, such as China, what  will you have?

To add to the plight of small farms, more than 1,000 counties in the Midwest, many of them grain capitals, were devastated by the 2012 drought. While Obama seeks to give millions in aid to these farmers who were victims of the worst drought in half a century, where was the recommendation for bringing in more water and building more dams?

Thank environmentalism for the garden gate that is closed to furnishing more water to small farms.

Also thank them and the government for the countless regulations loaded on the backs of small farmers who are being regulated out of existence.

For those greenies who are part of the eco-tyranny, their major preoccupation is not bringing “sustainable” food practices to the table. It is the many lawsuits they bring to a people and a country that is already struggling economically with thousands of foreclosures, joblessness, homelessness and livelihoods, which is being taken away unnecessarily.

Small farmers and ranchers from dawn to dusk seek to make a decent living while being dependent upon many factors and seasonal rains, but lo and behold, they still may end up walking away from their land as Big Agri begins to pick up priceless, foreclosed farmland for a song.

Now then, these large tracts of lands finally become the property of corporate America, and thus, European serfdom is once again reborn through a carefully orchestrated plan brought to you by the one and only, the czars of the agencies and the New World Order.

Once most of the major farmland is in the hands of Big Agri or foreign countries, such as China, what will you have? You will have a new Marxist regime with people fully dependent upon government and corporate land barons while the FDA and companies such as Monsanto will seed the world, thereby controlling the food supply through GMOs but certainly not to the advantage of the common people.

And if this trend is not reversed, the American Dream will be lost to government control and those corporations who stand to make billions or perhaps even trillions through a fine-tuned sinister land grab, while genetically modified seeds corrupt the world’s gene pool, which is now spreading like a cancer from one tract of land to the next.

Yes, let’s talk about upsetting the balance of nature. Funny how the environmentalists are all so quiet on this one. Where are their lawsuits?

For government and the FDA, which are known accomplices with Big Agri, their game plan is to use food “safety” to target small farmers, such as the Amish, out of business and even put them in jail for selling raw milk, but the FDA doesn’t stop there. Mom and pop growers are on their hit list as well, which is documented here:

Just drum up false food alerts that target small farmers even when no evidence is found in their produce, but be sure to stop them from selling healthy foods, such as sprouts, to their regular customers.

In summary, the small farmer for now and certainly in the future will need to devise ways to hang on to the American Dream for we now live in a rapidly changing agricultural world that is increasingly favoring Big Agri.

Chuck Frank lives in Penn Valley.

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