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Entertainment continues on Clubhouse patio

Music will continue to be in the air on the patio and I have been busy reaching out to new bands to perform in our beautiful venue! You will continue to see the talented Ron and Bjorn and "Diggin up Bones." Attached are the following names, dates and times!

· Thursday, June 21: Ron and Bjorn (R&B) Returning Acoustic Duo with a variety of classics in their collection.
· Friday, June, 22: Gary Regina "Looping Music" With a little help from technology and creativity, Gary records layers of music producing trance-like grooves that gradually build! He uses a variety of instruments: percussion, guitar, wind synthesizer, woodwinds, ethnic flutes, saxophones, and vocals to create his unique sounds of trip-hop, world-beat, and ambient music with jazz overtones.
· Stay tuned for more dates and bands!

On another note we will be changing Taco Wednesday to a new concept starting next week, 6/13. It will be Pizza and Pasta Wednesday's! Taco Night might return down the road, however we wanted to start offering a new concept here at the Clubhouse and believe we make a great pizza and pasta dish! It will be buffet style with rotating toppings of homemade pizzas as well as pasta sauces made in house. Father's Day is right around the corner and we will be celebrating with a barbeque on the Patio, stay tuned for more detail s!

I want to thank everyone for their continued patience as we are training new team members! We have had some team members move on to prepare for school and some pursue other opportunities, and we still have a great group of people here providing great service! With that being said, and I normally wouldn't send a message about an employee's condition but this is such a unique, unfortunate circumstance. One of our servers and Lake Wildwood resident Nicole Carranza, at the young age of 25, is in stage 5 kidney failure which was undiagnosed for years and has just recently come to light. She has a long road ahead of her which includes surgery for a kidney transplant and paying hospital bills. Nicole's sister has created a "Go Fund Me" page and the link is as follows: https://www.gofundme.com/pmu7ba-help-for-nicole . If you have any questions or would like further information before donating, I have been given permission to share details from her husband. You can contact me directly via email, dustinw@lwwa.org .


Dustin Wright
Director of Food and Beverage

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