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Enjoying Your Golf Course

By Dave Doench
Golf Course Ambassador


In my many years of traveling around the golf course in the evening, one thing stands out and that is, when I approach individuals walking on the course, they tell me they were told it was okay to walk after 7:00 p.m. This requires some further explanation.
It is certainly okay to walk on the golf course when golfers are not present. If you see a golf group, please move out of their way and let them continue. If you see numerous golf groups, it would be best if you left the course until golfers are no longer present. We certainly want you to enjoy being on our beautiful golf course; however, we also want you to be safe!
Golf Operations and Maintenance Rule R-7.10.10 – 5 – C, D and E explains the rules about being on the course:
Section C states: “Jogging and walking shall be permitted only on the cart paths and only from dawn to dusk except when the golf course is in play. When golfers are present, walkers and joggers must exit the course in the most expeditious route available.”
Section D states: “No bicycles, skateboards or rollerblades shall be allowed on the course.”
Section E states: “No dogs shall be permitted on the golf course at any time, except registered ‘goose dogs’.”
Another issue we continue to have is that “Golf carts (except as authorized by the Association) are not permitted to travel to or from the Pro Shop/Clubhouse area by means of golf holes 1, 2, 9 or 10 during playing hours when golfers are present.”
If no golfers are present you may use that means of travel. However due to blind spots, this means of travel will interfere with golfers playing and could be dangerous for you. Please use Cottontail Way to and from Lake Wildwood Drive. It only takes an extra 15 to 20 seconds. And if you are going home via #8 or #18, please be aware that you are unable to see when going up the hill so please be careful.
As a resident of Lake Wildwood, when you see something suspicious on the golf course, or anywhere in the community, please notify Security at 432-1166.
Question of the Month: Where should the bunker rake be placed after being used? The rake should be put in the bunker with the handle close to the edge of the bunker and the working end toward the center of the green.

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