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Enjoying Your Golf Course

By Dave Doench
Golf Course Ambassador

Recently the discussion of how many balls you are allowed to hit on the golf course has become an important subject! So let’s review the rule.
The rule is listed under Golf Operations and Maintenance, Rule R-7.10.40, Provision 2 C, which states: “There shall be no practice on any portion of the course not designated as a practice area, including the practice of using two or more balls, except under using the rules of golf.”
Simply put, please use the driving range and the practice area for all practice requirements!
When using the driving range, please do not use those golf balls you found somewhere on the course. When you do that you are taking revenue away from the Golf Shop. Please purchase range balls or tokens from the Golf Shop. And please do not take unused balls away from the range along with the baskets. They should remain at the range.
Time change and frost delays are just around the corner. To check on frost delays please call 000-0000. For those individuals that enjoy walking on the golf course during non-golfing hours, please do not walk off the cart path when frost is present. Your footprints will kill the grass!
Question of the month: Do you think it is possible for a golfer to hit a ball out of a bunker to the green using only the bunker rake as his club? If you said yes, you would be correct! A few years ago, our golf pro, Jim Knight did it from the bunker in front of #7 green. It was on video, although, sorry to say, the video is no longer on the golf website. Please do not try this yourself!

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