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Elaine Meckler: It’s not a black-and-white issue

I agree with the article titled “Local demonstrators support Black Lives Matter movement” that was written by Ivan Natividad and posted in The Union on July 10, that white supremacists have a very skewed opinion of anyone and everyone who is not of the “pure” Aryan race.

And, I agree with the photo that says that “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” because they do.

But, I would like the sign to say that “ALL LIVES MATTER,” because they do.

Unfortunately, the article ignores the real crux of the problem. The white supremacists are a very small percentage of our society. The larger problem, or the 2,000-pound elephant in the room, is the fact that most African Americans are being killed by someone who shares their race. Where is the outrage? I don’t see it in the newspapers, nor do I hear it on our local news stations. The three items below are just a few of the hundreds of statistics and comments that can be found on the Internet.

If we don’t do something about the media not reporting these homicides that are taking place in metropolitan cities around the United States, where African Americans are killing their own in huge numbers, we are only playing into the white supremacists’ hands.

According to AmericanFreePress.net, “324,000 U.S. Blacks Killed by Blacks In Only 35 Years” published in December 2014. Of those, only 96, involved blacks killed by white police officers. It is worth noting that, according to the nonprofit New Century Foundation, of the nearly 1 million violent crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites in America, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent. You can’t pick up a paper without reading about African Americans being killed in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, and many other major cities. But, that is not what makes the news. It reads better if a white person kills a black person.

According to Juan Williams, an African American commentator on “Fox News Sunday” on Aug. 24, 2014, amid ongoing protests in Ferguson, Mo., the national conversation about racial justice and police force has ignored a critical point that needs to be discussed. Civil rights activists and black leaders have failed to address the very thing that’s fueling conservative, white backlash — the high crime rate among the black community, particularly among young black men, Williams said on Fox News Sunday. “I think there’s fear of intimidation, harassment being legitimized by the fact that there is a high rate of crime, especially among young black men,” Williams said. “Number one cause of death, young black men 15 to 34 — murder. Who’s committing the murder? Not police. Other black men.” Last year, PolitiFact.com found that 93 percent of murder victims were killed by someone who shares their race.

According to a March 18, 2015 story by Detroit TV station WJBK, Detroit police investigate more than a dozen murders in a week. “I feel scared. I’ve been over here since 1989 and I have never, ever felt this unsafe in this neighborhood,” said Freda Stanford. The latest shooting happened Tuesday night when 41-year-old Ditwan Morgan ran inside her home on Bonita, locked the door behind her and yelled to her uncle, as bullets pierced the door, ‘someone shot me.’ Morgan, a mother of two, collapsed on the floor at the foot of the stairs. Her uncle stayed upstairs with her three-year-old son and called police. “Since last Monday we’ve had an uptick in homicides, we had 13, we’ve had 20 shooting incidents,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. Chief James Craig says year-to-date, homicides are up 16 percent in Detroit.

If we don’t do something about the media not reporting these homicides that are taking place in metropolitan cities around the United States, where African Americans are killing their own in huge numbers, we are only playing into the white supremacists’ hands. This is not a white against black law enforcement problem; it is a problem of poor education in communities that need charter schools, good teachers, and administrators who are willing to go the extra mile for their students and schools.

Stop blaming whites and law enforcement for the problems and look to the communities to help get their house in order.

I don’t need to see signs that make out one race to be better or more deserving that any other. Let’s all work together to ensure that everyone, regardless of race, creed or color has the same opportunity as everyone else to live their lives to the fullest and accomplish their goals. We need to stop making this into a race war of whites against blacks, when the real problem is being ignored.

Elaine Meckler lives in Grass Valley.

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