Editor’s Notes — Shout-out to yellow-vested debris pickers! | TheUnion.com

Editor’s Notes — Shout-out to yellow-vested debris pickers!

This is simply a shout-out to the many Lake Wildwooders who volunteer their time and energy clean up Highway 20 from the Yuba County line to the Highway 49 junction near the fairgrounds.
I’m reminded of this each day as I travel to and from “the big city,” but forget to mention it too often.
I was in the Seattle area recently and one of the things that struck me was the clean and clear roadways. There seems to be a feeling of ownership there, and debris-pollution is nearly non-existant.
The area already enjoys a scenic splendor unprecedented. Add to it clean roadsides, and you are slammed by the contrast of most roads in California.
Now, before you get all upset, know I’m a Native Son. This is my state, my home for the past 50+ years, and I love California! I’m just not happy with its governance and priorities—especially it’s once “best of” infrastructure.
Without pointing fingers—OK, I will—I find it hard to understand the son of one of our greatest governors, the one responsible for the state’s amazing infrastructure of the 60s and 70s, purposely ignoring it in favor of bullet trains from nowhere to nowhere and huge tunnels to pour water from its northern source to its squandering south.
OK…I’m done.
Bob and Pinky Martin are my heroes. They organized the Highway 20-corridor clean-up effort many years ago. I’m reminded of their crusade each time I pass the signpost recognizing Lake Wildwood for the road’s cleanliness.
Thanks, Guys…and thank you to all you yellow-vested debris pickers! Your efforts are so much appreciated!
Heads up. This is the last edition for September. Next edition publishes October 6. Deadline is September 27. Columnist, you get a week’s vacation. TWI is dark September 18-22.
Enjoy the Draft Horse Classic!

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