Editor’s Notes — Coincidence. Just a coincidence. | TheUnion.com

Editor’s Notes — Coincidence. Just a coincidence.

Congratulations, Paula!
Lake Wildwood Citizen of the Year 2017!!
Paula Farrell was picked our honored “Citizen” because of her efforts as “driving force” behind the Garden Club’s beautification program; she even owns her own jackhammer to get into our hard soil!
She led the project to save the dogwoods and azaleas leading to the old clubhouse and relocate as many as they could.
She works closely with Bill Hamilton to beautify our golf course and parks and has volunteered for years at the Firemen’s Breakfast.
Paula also serves on the Parks and Recreation Committee, and helps people upgrade their own gardens and the driving force in establishing the demonstration garden at the Community Center to provide beauty and education of what we can plant in our own yards.
Again, congratulations, Paula! Thank you from all of us.
Before it goes any farther…NO, my sarcastic rant about the condition of our roads did not result in the renewal of the trench patch and improved condition.
Coincidence. Just a coincidence. No government operation, at that level, is planned and executed over a weekend. Just can’t happen. Supervisor Weston’s article, elsewhere in this edition, makes it clear the work is all part of the process.
Dig, cover with soft fill, later, refill with manicured patch, then total re-surface of teh road later.
Unfortunately, the dollars for the resurface part are not yet available. “Later,” in this sense means the state will cough up the bucks next year. (I hope)
In the meantime, the ride is much improved and we can see the paint. A “wait-and-see” in downtown Penn Valley, though. NID is still working on its project there to increase much needed water pressure to that community’s fire hydrants.
“Wow! The power of the press!” Some of you thought.
Nope, not this time.
The on-going drama of our lake and its contaminates, is well described in GM Mariani’s piece in this edition. It’s what we call in the business “Breaking News” and while I’m staying on top of it—posting on TWI’s website—the twice-monthly nature of this tome, leaves lots to be desired as a source of continuous updates.
The nature of the scientific tests involved mean it may be many weeks before we know the cause and real nature of the contaminants. In the meantime, our community leaders are offering free use of the pool to members until the issue is resolved. Class act, that!
Late Notice: Of course, in the midst of all this, a power outage last week cause a pump to fail and a sewer line backfill made it into the lake.
Next edition publishes September 1. Deadline is August 23.



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