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Editor’s Notes — ‘…and then they painted the lines!’

I guess it’s official.
After many months of driving inside, outside and all the space inbetween, to avoid the window-rattling, bumper-bouncing, tire-damaging paved-over new sewer and water lines on Pleasant Valley Road, It’s clear they are here to stay.
Yep. I didn’t believe it. Thought the county would realize the hazard these ruts make for those of us using the road and would eventually (soon) re-pave to return the surface to its former self.
Then they re-painted the lines!
That puts a nail in the coffin for re-paving. At least it better!
I hope it wasn’t one county department doing the painting only to be covered in new asphalt a few weeks later by a different department.
But, how many times have you seen a newly paved road, dug up weeks later to expose the manhole covers which remain lower than the new surface and invariably in the path of your wheels. Grass Valley seems to be the best example of this conundrum.
If you think the bumps are bad on Pleasant Valley, take a drive over to Penn Valley….It’s worse! Penn Valley Drive is now a series of very bumpy ruts, crisscrossing both lanes, in each direction. To avoid severe jolting, you need to swerve into the oncoming lane to save your teeth, both real and false.
I seem to remember our county reps telling us the two-pronged project would use the same trench in order to minimize the effects. The work is to pour Penn Valley’s “stuff” down to the waste facility adjacent to the dam, while pumping fresh water up to that town suffering from lack of pressure on its fire hydrants. Seems like a fair trade. Right?
I know. I’m being sarcastic. Both projects are very worthwhile to us as a community, Yes, we are all part of the same community.
But a budget the size that allows for these projects should also include the bucks to return the route to its original condition.


Congratulations to the new directors: Dan Gentile and Cyndi Price and also to Jack Valentine who steps into the Chairmanship. Serving as his Administration: Vice President, Nita Edwards, Secretary, Bambi Flanigan and Treasurer, Robert Anderson.
They were announced Saturday-last at the annual picnic. Hundreds gathered in Commodore park, despite the heat.
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Next edition will hit mailboxes August 18. Deadline is August 9. Don’t miss the fair! It runs through Sunday. See you there!






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