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Eddie Garcia: State of Jefferson is based in reality

In its recent editorial, “Our View: State of Jefferson proposition not based in reality,” The Union’s Editorial Board makes its opinion public. It thinks our efforts to create a new state are pointless.

I would like to wholeheartedly disagree with the board’s opinion.

Let me take the board’s main points one by one. Its first point is that, even if the voters were to vote in favor of our measure, “the approval would simply be symbolic.” While it is true that our measure is purely “advisory,” should the Board of Supervisors not pay heed to the wishes of its constituency, it would indeed be defying the will of the citizens — truly an undemocratic act.

Our goal is for the BOS to make an about-face in its position regarding the State of Jefferson movement to reflect the wishes of Nevada County’s citizens. At this point, no one knows what those wishes are. Win or lose the vote, we need to know what the people want.

Our goal is for the BOS to make an about-face in its position regarding the State of Jefferson movement to reflect the wishes of Nevada County’s citizens. At this point, no one knows what those wishes are.

Contrary to the point brought out that “information on how the proposed 51st state would be financially viable is lacking,” the spreadsheet in the http://www.soj51.net website proves its viability. This question of the financial viability of the new state seems to be at the heart of the motivation behind the opposition to our movement. The opposition wants to ignore that our financial studies show that the greatest majority of counties involved are clear “donor” counties, meaning they pay much more in taxes than they receive in benefits.

Our opposition puts in doubt the reliability of our figures and I think we should put this matter to rest once and for all by holding an open public forum involving both sides of the issue. Maybe The Union would like to sponsor this?

The board’s editorial also implies that our county depends on “grants from the State of California” ignoring that these grants come from monies that our county’s taxpayers have sent to the state in the form of income, sales and other taxes! And before California so generously sends us back part of our money it gets a sizable slice of it for administration and then what we get back comes often with instructions on how our county has to spend it.

In the second paragraph of the board’s editorial, the board makes our case for a 51st state. Paraphrasing it says:

1. The Northern California counties lack representation in Sacramento and D.C.; 2. We underutilize our natural resources as economic engines; and 3. California’s residents and businesses are overtaxed and overregulated!

We rest our case!

Our petition is a simple one. We are asking our Board of Supervisors to put the question to the voters: Should Nevada County join the effort to form a new state or not? This would be just the first step in the arduous and long process to redress our main grievance — lack of representation in Sacramento, with which grievance the Editorial Board agrees!

We know there is a myriad of details to be worked out before the reality of a new state can happen. All we can say to that is that if our Founding Fathers had been deterred in their efforts by the enormity of the task in front of them, we would probably still be singing “God Save the Queen” instead of our national anthem.

The alternative offered by the Editorial Board is that we “take a seat at the table, not leave it altogether.” We the People would love to take a seat at the table if a nutritious, reasonably priced meal was offered. But when the table is laden with pork and greasy offerings, we should say “no thank you” and find a better restaurant.

When we insist on trying the same old tactics, one is reminded of the definition of insanity attributed to Albert Einstein: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!”

Eddie Garcia is on the steering committee of Nevada County for the State of Jefferson. He lives in Grass Valley.

Editor’s note: The Union Editorial Board did not declare agreement with State of Jefferson’s grievances in its Jan. 29 editorial, but instead acknowledged its members understand the reasons being cited in the call for a 51st state.

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