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E.George to Lake Wildwood Backbone Extension Pipeline Project Put on Hold

NID has put the E. George to Lake Wildwood Backbone Extension Pipeline Project on hold through the end of the 2021/2022 fiscal year, but plans to consider the project again in the future.

EG-LWW – Project Location Map.pdf

The NID website states that:

The proposed Project entails constructing a new water distribution/transmission pipeline primarily within roadways to provide a connection between the E. George and Lake Wildwood Systems. The Project would provide a second and/or alternate source of treated water in the event of a failure or raw water interruption at the Lake Wildwood Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Additionally, it will allow for the planning of future maintenance activities of the Lake Wildwood WTP. The project would make treated water service available to the properties within reasonable distance of the proposed pipeline route. The project includes the installation of fire hydrants along the pipeline route.

The majority of the Project would be constructed within existing roadways, except where it would cross private property between Riffle Box Road and Rough and Ready Road near Empty Diggins Lane. Another short segment would cross private property just east of Minnow Lane. Appurtenances such as fire hydrants, air release valves (ARV), and service lines and meter boxes would be placed on the shoulder of the road at the adjacent property lines. Pressure reducing stations would be located just outside of the county right-of-way at most times. Stub-outs for future waterline extensions would also be installed.

According to Tonia Herrera, Senior Engineer for NID, the Project would involve construction of 5.6 new miles of pipeline and replace about 2.4 miles of existing infrastructure within the E George treated water system. Currently, there are approximately 2,787 service connections in the Lake Wildwood treated water system, which includes Lake Wildwood and Penn Valley, and 6,250 in E George, which covers areas surrounding Nevada City, Grass Valley, and Cedar Ridge. If the pipeline is built, it will extend through Rough and Ready. The project was being considered because the Lake Wildwood treatment plant is reaching capacity, per their study completed in 2016, and NID wants to ensure that they can provide service to all of their customers for decades to come.

“Part of the goal is to provide resiliency to the Lake Wildwood treated water system and provide access to treated water to the folks along the new portion of the pipeline, which includes 145 additional parcels in Rough and Ready which currently do not have access to the NID water system,” Herrera explained. “This project was started because we wanted to interconnect treated water systems that were normally a standalone, such as Lake Wildwood, and the intention was to provide E. George as back up to that. We have done a project similar connecting Loma Rica to Lake of the Pines for the same reason.”

Due to other priorities, the NID board of directors decided to put the E. George to Lake Wildwood Extension project on hold. The board is currently in budgetary discussions for 2022, and is considering their priorities for the next year.

Anyone who is interested in learning more, reach out to your NID representative about the project. If it does get budgeted and moves forward, the website will be updated with the relevant information. This project has already had a public comment period, but if the board brings the project back again for discussion, the public has the ability to make a comment about any project at board meetings at the beginning before agenda items.

To learn more about NID projects and how to contact your NID representative, visit nidwater.com.



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