Don’t take guns from innocent people |

Don’t take guns from innocent people

The news media bemoans the fact that they don’t have a solution to prevent tragedies such as happened in Newtown, Conn. Their only solution is to remove guns from innocent persons. This is very wrong. There are a number of things that can be done to reduce future shootings. The first requirement is to change the mind set of the country. People are led by the liberal news media, the liberal entertainment industry and the liberal school system. They have led us down the wrong path.

One solution is to remove these handicapped people from society, but this is not possible today, because the liberals believe this is discriminating against their freedom rights. An example was Dewitt State Hospital near Auburn, a large complex holding many patients. The California Democratic Legislature closed this facility. Now in the United States, parents have no help, no place to send their dangerous offspring except to prisons. If these dangerous persons commit a crime then they are placed in prison. Our large city prisons have many of these people and also large psychiatric hospitals to take care of their needs.

Guns kill people. Remove all guns. Knives kill people. Remove all knives. Cars kill people, Remove all cars. Water drowns people. Remove all water. Snakes and wild animals kill people. Remove all snakes and wild animals.

Actually, guns prevent crime many times each year. Guns have prevented or stopped a number of mass killings after zero or one or two people were gunned down. Often the mere presence of a gun will prevent a crime.

Unfortunately the media prints gun killings, but refuses to print any story where guns prevented crime.

We have armed guards in many public buildings. It has been suggested that we have armed guards in our schools. A very expensive solution. Wouldn’t it be better to have some guns available to some of the teachers? This in itself would be an important deterrent and would dissuade every gunman from going near a school.

For those who are averse to guns, hornet spray could be a very useful deterrent to such disasters. Present containers shoot out 10 feet or more. At the Newtown School, teachers could have stood by the door with the hornet spray. When the killer entered the door and received spray in the face, he would have become helpless.

If the 9-11 plane crews had hornet spray, their airplanes would not have been hi-jacked and we would not have been involved in the Mideast Wars, billions would not have been spent and thousands would not have been killed.

All police officers, all airplane crews and all teachers should be equipped with hornet spray.

Thomas Crosswhite lives in Grass Valley.

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