Don’t Play Politics with Fire Safety |

Don’t Play Politics with Fire Safety

LWA GM Report

With the end of summer upon us we find ourselves preparing for another fall and winter. The leaves are starting to fall, our lake activity is slowing down and the Pool is beginning to end its season. My letter in the Lake Wildwood eBits recently resonated with our community, and I feel that our neighboring community members outside of Lake Wildwood could benefit from a message of importance. Although Lake Wildwood has done tremendous efforts to create a fire fuel reduction department, invest in thousands of dollars in equipment, education, county fire drill training and communication, some feel it is still more important to worry about playing politics instead of getting on board with the needed efforts to protect the community and mostly themselves. The most important thing to do to prepare for a fire and evacuation is do your part. Not worry about someone else before you do what you should be doing.

The last few months and especially the past week or so we have seen the catastrophic effects to our air quality caused by the many fires around us. Luckily, and I mean luckily, we have not had any fires directly threaten Lake Wildwood. Last week there was a structure fire that could have been the center spark for the entire community. Our Penn Valley Fire Department did an amazing job at quickly stopping the spread of this house fire to the surrounding homes. As I look at this incident, it makes me wonder why so many homes in Lake Wildwood are doing nothing to abate the spread of wildfires and address the dangerous condition their lots pose to the safety of others. We are actively giving notices to what we can identify as rule violations, but the rules do not cover specifically what is deemed a serious hazard to the community.

Information on Fire Wise and defensible space is listed on our link below. Our team cannot venture onto property to investigate the areas behind your homes unless you are on a greenbelt or the Lake and Golf Course. Many homes are just not putting the effort into preventive fire fuel reduction, clearing leaves off the roofs, trimming low hanging trees, branches over roof lines, dense landscaping greenery, and so on.

South Lake Tahoe has lost hundreds of homes to an out-of-control fire; I just drove the Mt. Shasta region and saw the devastation, and I am wondering just what motivation we can give to literally wake up some lot owners to clear and maintain their lots in a safe manner. Lake Wildwood is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get caught up on the years of neglect of some major clearing and is continuing to do so daily. We are purchasing state of the art equipment to assist our efforts at clearing and maintaining our open spaces. There are many small areas behind homes that are targeted for clearing and we are getting there.

I am asking this community, or those specifically that are not taking this fire danger seriously, to please change your attitude towards it and think about the safety of the entire community. As someone who has lost their home to a fire, I personally know the catastrophic effects a fire can do to your home, belongings, your family and the many years after recovering. Let’s all do it. Do what we can for the sake of yourself and others. Everything you need to know about fire safety is located on our Fire Wise section of the website, and LWA Members can get there by visiting


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