Don’t Feel Bad, We All Did It! |

Don’t Feel Bad, We All Did It!

Steve Roddy, DSAV
Lake Wildwood Fire Wise Committee

My family moved to Lake Wildwood in 1980. We made landscaping choices with “deer proof” plants as the logical choice! Standards for defensible space have become stronger since many of us bought our homes, so many of us need to do a little catching up. Not all homes are the same, but as a defensible space advisor I see some common and easily corrected problems.

Here’s a short list of common problems so you can do your own mini-inspection and get to work correcting them. Many are easily solved! Does your home have any of these issues?

1. Missing an address sign which can be easily seen in the dark or in smoky conditions.

2. Homeowners mistakenly planted extremely flammable plants, often lining the driveway (oleanders, junipers, grevillea, rosemary). One of our top priorities is ensuring that you can evacuate safely. Think about driving out while these plants are on fire!

3. Plants are in rows leading to the home creating a fire runway straight to your home. This also creates ladder fuels that can ignite overhanging trees.

4. Plants are too close to the home, within the critical 0-5 feet zone.

5. Vents need 1/8” wire mesh coverings. Most are 1/4”. This is to keep out flying embers.

6. Propane tanks need 10’ of clearance in every direction. Trunks of trees are ok, but no limbs.

Not all homes have the same issues. When you invite us for a Defensible Space Advisory Visit we will help you make a customized, prioritized plan. We are ready and willing to help you! Please contact us for our free, confidential help! or at

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