Donn Coenen: The time has come for a 51st state |

Donn Coenen: The time has come for a 51st state

I have lived in Nevada County for 30 years and I love it here, but high taxes and unjust fees are forcing me out of business and maybe out of the state.

The last year and a half I have been working with the State of Jefferson movement. There are two questions that I’m most frequently asked. Why should we divide California and can we actually form our own state? I would like to answer the first question this way:

In 1776, our Founders gathered together to write the Declaration of Independence to list the grievances they had with the King of Great Britain. Using that document as a format, I have listed some of the grievances the North state has with California.

Declaration of Independence from California (2016)

We have no voice, no representation, and no chance for liberty unless we separate. … The time has come for 51!

Declaration of Independence 1776: “The history of the present King of Great Britain (insert Gov. Jerry Brown) is a history of repeated injury and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States (insert counties). To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.”

1. (1776) “He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

2. His oppressive taxes and regulations on our businesses are forcing some to leave the north state.

3. He proposes increased fuel tax for road construction while current taxes for that purpose are going into the general fund.

4. He has taxed us for fire prevention without providing any resources to fight wildfires.

5. He has destroyed our logging industry with restrictive regulations that have made our forests dangerous to inhabit.

6. His California Environmental Protection Agency enacts ex post facto regulations that render our equipment useless without expensive retrofit.

7. He denies us access to our legal Federal Mining Claims and confiscates our equipment.

8. He claims all water to be under control of California Water Resources Control Board, including our personal wells, without due process or just compensation.

9. He claims the right to seize 300 farms for twin water tunnels to ship our water south.

10. He taxes us for high speed rail that will not come to the north state.

11. He usurps our parental rights, forcing us to vaccinate our children.

12. He has threatened economic sanctions for failing to comply with state mandates.

We hold that these facts are indisputable and that it is our duty to form a new government that is more responsive to the people. The state of California is ungovernable in its present form. With one third of the land mass but only 5 percent of the population we have no representation in Sacramento. Five southern counties have more than 50 percent of the population and therefore rule the other 53 counties. We are forced to participate in projects that have no benefit to us. This is not a representative government of the people.

We wish to live in a state that respects our freedom, liberty and property and allows us to pass that onto our children. As free people we will no longer suffer the tyranny of the state of California. We the People of the Northern 24 Counties declare our separation from the state of California, without malice, and our intent to form a new state with a more representative form of government.

Is it possible to actually separate from California and form our own state? I believe it is very possible. Our Declaration of Independence (2016) should give you some idea of the many groups that are being oppressed by the California Legislature. Everyone from truckers being forced to buy new trucks, to loggers being regulated out of the forest, to miners being forced off their Federal claims, to people living in the forest that can’t get home insurance, to seizure of water rights from ranchers and farmers, to business regulations that are destroying our economy.

We are being taxed for projects that don’t benefit us like High Speed Rail and the Twin Water Tunnels. California threatens our rural counties with economic sanctions if they don’t zone property for high density housing. Almost every person in Northern California is being abused by the California Legislature that is controlled by Southern California.

We have no voice, no representation, and no chance for liberty unless we separate. If these groups stand together we will form our own state. The time has come for 51!

Donn R. Coenen is the chairman of the Nevada County Libertarian Party.

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