Dobbs’ Work Highlights ‘Artist of the Oaks’ Show |

Dobbs’ Work Highlights ‘Artist of the Oaks’ Show

The fall exhibit at the Clubhouse started Sept. 3 and we have exciting news! Starting with this exhibit, we  have the work of a featured artist on one wall of the exhibit! Dennis Dobbs is our first artist to be featured. His vibrant paintings always wow the crowd!
Following 40 years as an educator, Dennis Dobbs devotes time to his passion for creative exploration and artistic expression. He has been inspired and tutored in artistic techniques of applying resins on canvas by master San Francisco Bay Area artist Cynthia Schuman (
Dennis often creates abstract works outside on the deck of his lakeside home in Wildwood, both to allow dissipation of resin fumes and to permit the heat of the sun to induce opalescence of multiple layers of color on canvas. Images are altered with heat and physical manipulations, resulting in colorful ridges, bubbles and cells that are pulled and elongated, or compressed, to create visually engaging patterns.
His polished surfaces suggest rivulets of hardened color suspended in transparent medium. Multiple layers of enamel pigments, metallic powders, inks and dyes infused in clear resin, both separate and blend, create luster and beauty of fluid motion and energy.
Angela will be our speaker on Friday, Sept. 14. The meeting will be in the Manzanita Room in the lower level of the Community Center. The meeting starts at 10:30. Coffee and cookies will be served.
Angela describes herself as a British woman living in the United States. She have lived overseas most of her adult life.
Although she has globe trotted, most of her time has been spent in Africa. Living in Africa gave her much creative inspiration.
She would visit the local craft market and see all kinds of objects made from very limited resources. The imagination of local craftsman really made Angela think about her own beadwork and what it could mean to others.
Every beadwork creation must convey a story and, therefore, her inspiration begins from looking into a piece of decorative glass or stone and finding a story. Pattern and color are major factors. It is at this point that Angela tries to interpret the meaning she have found into a visually pleasing piece of wearable art.
If you have never attended one of meetings, come and join us on Sept. 14! As always, check out our website at

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