Director’s Fate Bumped to July 11 |

Director’s Fate Bumped to July 11


July 11, 2018 ▪ 1 p.m.

Community Center, Lake Room

OLD BUSINESS – This notice is of the continuation of a censure disciplinary proceeding involving director Lucinda Price which was initially convened on June 8, 2018. In that proceeding the Board of Directors concluded, based on four past actions, that Director Price had violated the Lake Wildwood Director’s Code of Conduct which she had voluntarily signed, along with the other members of the Board, at the inception of her service as a director. The purpose of this continued hearing is to determine whether sufficient grounds exist, based on the previous findings at the June 8, 2018 hearing, for the removal of director Price pursuant to Corporations Code section 7221(b) or, in the alternative, whether some other disciplinary action is warranted under the circumstances, consistent with applicable law.

Due to the nature of these disciplinary proceedings, public comments will not be entertained.

—-Lake Wildood Board of Directors

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