Denise Cain: Consider adopting an older dog |

Denise Cain: Consider adopting an older dog

Many articles have been written about the wonder and beauty of the senior dog. So many find themselves in shelters, abandoned on the streets by people who did not live up to their end of the bargain.

Like marriage, “till death do us part” is the goal. We know this cannot be the result in 100 percent of adoptions, but it is the GOAL. Divorce, death, illness can interfere. Such is the case of Butch and Honeybear, who lost their loving parents of 11 years. No two dogs were more loved by their guardians, who died within two months of each other.

These two young at heart dogs participated in our adoption event at Scooters Place. Many senior human adopters came to meet our dogs. As I steered them to the beautiful, healthy and vibrant older dogs, I heard over and over “too old.”

Eleven? Really?

With proper vet care and nutrition, these dogs can live to be 18 to 20! That means eight to nine more years of love and loyalty and friendship. I was shocked when they looked and referred to these delightful pets like they were spoiled hamburgers. I was shocked at their comments and attitudes. I have spent the last month with these doll babies, and there was not a better dog there.

Please share these adorable seniors with your respectful compassionate friends. If you have room in your home and heart to love an animal (cat or dog) that may not be in the bloom of youth, but rather is calm, relaxed, respectful of your home and just darn good company, call me, 530-350-2099.

To you senior humans, I hope your children never look at you as if you are spoiled hamburgers.

Denise Cain is the foster coordinator for Scooters Pals Dog Rescue.

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