Decorating and Lighting Contest Winners |

Decorating and Lighting Contest Winners

Thank you to all who participated in the LWA Holiday Decorating and Lighting Contest. The judging has been completed. There were delightful displays, which made the judging very difficult. We hope you enjoy and appreciate all the effort that was exerted.
Residents spend long hours placing lights and decorations on houses and yards to brighten our holiday spirits. The community looks beautiful. We thank you and appreciate all your effort. We especially thank the Social Committee, who headed the contest, gathering judges who snuck out in the night while all were busy with their special Christmas plans.
Overall Winner: 13920 Strawberry Circle
Best Lighting: First Place, 18919 Chickadee; Second Place, 13956 Sun Forest; Third Place, 18991 Swallow Way
Best Holiday Theme: First Place, 18866 Chickadee; Second Place, 19989 Echo Blue; Third Place, 19650 Chaparral Circle
Honorable Mentions: 13696 Strawberry Circle, 18804 Lake Forest Dr., 12474 Lake Wildwood Dr., 13944 Strawberry Circle, 18727 Lake Forest Dr., 12019 Warbler, 14039 Strawberry Circle, 10994 Marmot Ct., 18924 Hummingbird, 14438 Lake Wildwood Dr., 18034 Lake Forest Dr., 18931 Hummingbird, 14931 Sun Forest Dr., 12300 Lake Wildwood Dr., 19070 Hummingbird, 14132 Pepperwood, 11943 Lake Wildwood Dr., 12086 Waxwing Ct., 17644 Candlewood, 19127 Jayhawk, 18321 Hummingbird, 15049 Woodland Loop, 18876 Chickadee Ct., 18167 Deer Run, 15168 Woodland Loop, 18511 Jayhawk, 12851 Roadrunner, 14130 Lodgepole, 11344 Sandpiper, 3056 Golden Trout, 13675 Forest Park Circle, 18021 Jayhawk, 12872 Golden Trout, 13927 Lake Wildwood Dr., 18109 Jayhawk, 19567 Chaparral Circle, 12883 Lake Wildwood Dr., 18121 Jayhawk, 18894 Lake Forest Dr. and 18306 Jayhawk

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