Dealing with an ‘ALMOST’ Closed Golf Course |

Dealing with an ‘ALMOST’ Closed Golf Course

Pete Newell,
Stonegate Security Site Supervisor

Who would have believed that on a beautiful spring day we would see no golf but have dogs on the Golf Course? For those who feel like they are in the twilight zone, here is how this temporary new reality came to be.

The Association closed the Course to golfing to adhere to county and statewide policies. We then realized that some other uses not normally permitted on the Course would seem to be acceptable during the COVID crisis and we opened it up to walkers and leashed dogs staying on the paths. We are finding that bicycles and groups playing sports like soccer and football have also been using the Course. Unfortunately, these other uses can create user conflicts and can damage the Course. Please, no bicycles, no sports and please do stay on the paths. Remember to scoop after your dog!

It seems that with many more people at home, dogs are having good times. Our evidence is that for weeks now we have had very few barking and loose dog calls. Maybe this can be a new normal too?

Many of us are taking the time to do various home improvements. I would like to suggest an important and cost-effective addition that many homes in the community still need. This is the addition of what are called 911-compliant address signs. These are the green vertical address signs that many residents do have. These signs are designed to help first responders find your house in an emergency. Our patrol officers will tell you that without these types of signs it can be very difficult to locate an address, especially at night. There are many vendors selling these signs on the Internet and they are usually under $20.00.

Beyond the boredom and the jokes about changing out of your day pajamas and putting on your night pajamas while sheltering in place, there are some more serious concerns. In the world at large there has been a noticeable increase in domestic violence incidents and we are not immune.

Recently a Roadrunner resident became the victim of a domestic assault. She did exactly the right things. She fled the residence and called 911. Security staff routinely monitors public safety radio frequencies and heard the call for the Sheriff to respond. Our patrol officer immediately responded to the area and located the victim on the street. Our officer took the victim in the patrol car and left the area to await the Sheriff’s deputy at a safe location. After the deputies investigation, the other party was arrested for domestic assault.

A much more minor area of concern in our current situation is a possible increase in problems with bored teenagers. We have had a few minor calls but overall we are not doing too badly. We had one call at Meadow Park about loud juveniles possibly drinking. Turned out it was a group of kids playing hide and seek and no alcohol was involved. We did ask them to quiet down a bit.

We had another call on Silver Pine about a small group of kids running between properties. We did not locate them or any problem. We did have two separate calls of vehicles driving in circles (spinning donuts) at Meadow Park. We get these calls on and off all year as the gravel surface seems to be attractive to the behavior. In this case we did not locate any damage or other issues.

Another trend that we could do without is an increase in speeding. I’m not sure if this comes from feelings of stress or the fact that traffic is so much lighter that some think it is a good time to drive faster. We see this trend outside the community as well. This is not a good time to add to community problems with accidents. Remember, we want to leave the emergency rooms for those who need them. Please slow down and be safe!

April activity numbers will be in the next issue.

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