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David Adams: Be skeptical about vaccination claims

The column by Thomas Elias (Sept. 5) echoes the unexamined clichés and propaganda about vaccines common in the mass media.

I will list some reasons why informed, caring people (especially parents) should be skeptical about vaccination claims and why they should sign the SB277 Referendum petition to allow the people of California to vote on this drastic, draconian “forced vaccination” law recently passed by state politicians.

Children are now required to receive 69 separate injections of vaccines by adolescence, a huge increase over the last 20 to 30 years. It includes such questionable injections as the Hepatitis-B vaccine given within hours after birth to tender newborns for a disease normally only contracted by prostitution or sharing of contaminated drug needles. Yet according to SB277 if a parent skips, or even delays, this one vaccine, their child forfeits all rights to public or private schooling for life.

Vaccines have questionable effectiveness in preventing what are not usually very serious childhood diseases. They are ineffective in 4 to 15 percent of those vaccinated and offer only temporary protection. For example, susceptibility to pertussis (whooping cough) two to five years after vaccination is around 95 percent! There has never been a single placebo-controlled scientific study published in any scientific journal demonstrating the effectiveness and safety of any required vaccine.

Most of the historical decrease in childhood diseases claimed by the vaccine industry and their well-paid public-health advocates had already occurred due to other causes before the vaccines were invented. From 1900 to 1965 measles deaths had already decreased 99 percent. From 1900 to 1935 pertussis deaths had already decreased 82 percent.

Today a large portion of the existing cases of these diseases are caused by vaccinated children, not the unvaccinated. After the CDC declared measles “eliminated” in 2000, many cases have continued to surface (644 in 2013, likely due to increasing measles vaccinations). Thirty percent of the measles cases in 2014 were in vaccinated kids. Out of 8,200 pediatric pertussis cases reported in California in 2014, 90 percent had been vaccinated. Who threatens whom?

Today it seems that more children are harmed by vaccines than by the childhood diseases. Even the CDC admits that over the last 10-plus years there have been no U.S. measles deaths reported, but there were 108 deaths from the measles vaccine with 2,000 disabled.

When vaccines work, their protection is weak and short-lived, based on induced temporary increases in blood antibodies rather than the more permanent and effective cellular immunity obtained by contracting the natural, “wild” virus. Vaccines cannot compete with the lifetime immunity a child obtains by contracting the disease. These childhood diseases seem to play a beneficial role in maturing the child’s immune system. A 2015 study found that men who had measles and mumps as children later suffered 29 percent less heart attacks, 17 percent less strokes.

Much of the harm caused by vaccines is likely due to their unsavory stew of toxic ingredients, including various preservatives (e.g., benzothonium, phenol), stabilizers (animal/human bodily serums), “growth mediums” from parts of live-aborted human fetuses (often in China) or animal organs, toxic antibiotics, poisonous “inactivating chemicals,” formaldehyde, aluminum, “trace amounts” of mercury that are injected at 100s or 1000s, of times the levels safe for drinking water, and other chemical buffers, emulsifiers, etc. All these are injected directly into the muscles/blood, bypassing the body’s normal defenses for foreign substances.

The CDC, which recommends vaccinations, is a private corporation in Georgia heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Its determinations are based on short-term “studies” of vaccines designed and funded by vaccine manufacturers for favorable results. Both the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics are revolving-door groups with pharmaceutical corporations.

Due to special legal immunity for vaccine damages, vaccines have the largest profit-margin of any pharmaceutical product and are aggressively promoted. Instead, a secret court considers damage cases and has paid out nearly $4 billion (taxpayer money) to parents of vaccine-damaged/deceased children, with thousands of pending cases.

To increase their $100-billion-dollar vaccine business, pharmaceutical companies depend on state legislatures to pass laws requiring vaccines and employ armies of lawyers and lobbyists to convince them as well as generous “campaign” funding to legislators. For example, Richard Pan, who introduced SB277 in California, received more than $100,000 last year. They are also coming after adults with SB792 and future bills.

Much more information on vaccination can be found at internet sites such as vaxfacts.org or vaccineimpact.com.

David Adams, Ph.D. lives in Penn Valley.

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