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Dave Glubetich: Clinton cannot be trusted

Are you excited about the prospects of the first woman president of the United States? Will you be voting for Hillary Clinton in November? Helping to make history.

But what if everything you hear, read or see just doesn’t add up? Could a vote for Hillary be a huge mistake?

There is a lot more in the Hillary Clinton book you may not be aware of. Things you either didn’t know or forgot over time. Democrats certainly don’t want to talk about them.

You know that she was First Lady in Bill Clinton’s presidency, and she was the New York senator from 2001 to 2009 before taking the helm as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. She has experience and is a woman. Is that enough to earn your vote? Perhaps it would be prudent to learn a little more about her.

She speaks like Bernie Sanders when she rails against big corporations and money in politics, yet she hauls in barrels of money from America’s richest.

In her college days she admiringly wrote her 1969 thesis on Saul Alinsky’s controversial theories on community organizing. He was a far-left radical who encouraged community organizers (like Obama) to “fan the latent hostilities” of low income, inner city residents and “search out controversy and issues” rather than avoid them.

As First Lady she supported her philandering husband despite repeated charges of rape and infidelity. She said the Monica Lewinsky scandal was just a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Is this a person who can truly be a spokesperson for women’s rights?

When she and Bill left office, Hillary claimed they were dead broke. So broke they stole $190,000 worth of historical items from the White House, which they were forced to return.

Now fast forward to 2014 where they are bringing in around $30 million annually and have a net worth north of $32 million. This is where the Clinton story gets very intriguing. Much of their new fortune was made from outlandish speaking fees paid by Washington lobbyists, Wall Street bankers, large corporations and foreign countries. In one year alone Hillary earned $11 million for just 51 speeches. But were special favors being purchased?

Hillary’s history sheds light on the accusations. Some of the Clinton fortune was made on dealings like the Tyson Food scandal where Hillary made a 9,987 percent profit in just nine months while Tyson received $9 million in government loans.

Then there is the Clinton Foundation. While the intent of the foundation may seem noble on the surface, it is also a means to create wealth by passing out favors. As many as 16 foreign governments gave $170 million to the foundation and were later allowed private meetings with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Through 2014 the Foundation has raised almost $2 billion dollars.

Giving very expensive speeches was another wealth builder. Bill collected $700,000 from Nigeria for two speeches and $2 million for ten speeches to a big Canadian Oil Company, all why Hillary was Secretary of State and could (and did) make decisions favorable to these and many other foreign entities.

And then there is a long history about matters of trust and honesty. There was “file gate” where the Clinton’s authorized upwards to 1,000 FBI background checks on personal rivals; and “China gate” where tech companies were asked to make donations for Bill’s 1996 re-election in return for special treatment in selling high-tech secrets to China.

Hillary cannot be trusted because she has lied so often to the American people.

Here is an example with a hometown twist: After the Benghazi debacle, in which Grass Valley born U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered, Hillary told the parents of slain CIA operative Tyrone Woods that it was because of an anti-Muslim video and not “a planned attack by terrorists.”

Then there are the emails. She claims only one server was used and none of the emails were classified, and that she didn’t do anything illegal. You may believe this, because most media sources only told us she would not be indicted and her troubles were over. FBI Director James Comey also said that Hillary (and staff) were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information” and it was possible that other countries may have gained access to her personal emails.

Big money is attracted to Hillary. George Soros, the ultra-liberal maverick gave Hillary’s Priorities USA Pac $7 million. She also took in $122.7 million from Wall Street hedge funds. She speaks like Bernie Sanders when she rails against big corporations and money in politics, yet she hauls in barrels of money from America’s richest. Hillary is bought and paid for. That’s not good.

Are these traits you want in the next leader of America?

Dave Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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