Continuing Questions about Minnow Way Label |

Continuing Questions about Minnow Way Label

Minnow Way Property: A few Members continue to question and/or criticize the decisions the Board made regarding the designation of the property as “Other Property” rather than “Common Area”,and the decision regarding a Board,rather than a Member-imposed Special Assessment.
You have probably read more than enough detailed arguments pro and con. So, I won’t go into that detail and I’ll keep this statement simple. The fact is that every step of the way the Board was very careful to consult with one of the most knowledgeable Association Law attorneys in California, Curt Sproul,about its decision making process related to the Minnow Way Property.
It was due largely to Mr. Sproul’s advice that the Board made the decisions regarding the property designation and Special Assessment. Therefore, the bottom line to ask yourself is,should the Board make decisions largely based on highly knowledgeable expert legal advice or should the Board make decisions based on complaints from a few Members who seem to find reason to complain about or disagree with nearly any action taken by the Board?
Please keep in mind that I suggested you ask yourself that question, not me, as I already know the answer.

Want to be part of the Lake Wildwood Leadership?

Are you interested in being a part of the solution by serving on the Board, a Committee or in some other capacity,or you just want to understand what is involved in being part of the Community’s leadership? If so, you should seriously consider attending the Informed Leadership Program. There are three more sessions running until March 23.
The dates, topics and locations are:

Fiscal Operations of Lake Wildwood:
February 16, 10 a.m. to noon, Community Center Manzanita Room

Volunteer Leadership, what kind of leaders are needed:
March 2, 10 a.m. to noon, Community Center Manzanita Room

Panel discussion regarding the current issues facing Lake Wildwood:
March 23, 10 a.m. to noon, Community Center Manzanita Room

Sustainability Working Group:
As you may be aware, the Sustainability Working Group is part of the Planning Committee,and was approved by the Board to identify various ways to possibly generate revenue and improve efficiencies in an effort to,at least in part,offset future LWA Assessments.
Through a very involved process working with all the Committees, the Group gathered well over a hundred ideas. After an intense vetting process, nine projects have been identified as the projects that have the greatest potential to generate revenue or improve efficiencies.
At this time, small teams appointed by the Sustainability Group are or will be evaluating five of theseprojects,and the other four projects have been assigned to Committees or Staff to evaluate.
Some of the projects may be evaluated quickly and some may take months or longer. The next step in this revenue producing/efficiency identification process is forthe Sustainability Group to interact with the Membership through various means such as a Town Hall. The purpose with this interaction is to explain each project as well as possible to the Members and receive your input.
As soon as a Town Hall or other ways of interacting with the Members is determined and scheduled, information about these functions will be conveyed to you. Fire Preventions/Preparation:Below is information regarding the series of articles on
Hopefully we won’t have to be evacuated again. Be prepared in order to minimize the stress that leaving your home inevitably causes. Now is a great time to assemble or refresh your emergency supply kits–your evacuation “Go Bags.”
Learn more in’s weekly series “Preparing for Wildfire Season:”  —  Bob Mariani, General Manager’s Report

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