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William F. Hamilton: Conditions looking a bit neater

Submitted by William F Hamilton, CGCS

I have to believe that most people are in love with the dry, warmish weather of late. It’s good to get back on the turf and get some serious work and golfing done.

Things are already starting to green up a bit with the warm days, but the frosty mornings are keeping the growth rate down. We’ve done some mowings now and conditions are looking a bit neater.

We’re also starting to do some weed spraying in areas that are normally prone to be managed with string trimmers. Hopefully you have noticed a lot of tree trimming that was done this winter. Removing the lower branches on trees will make it easier to maintain the turf below.

That’s the only reason and it has nothing to do with anyone’s golf game.

After President’s Day, we’ll have a contractor on site to remove and replace many areas of broken cart path. Please respect the contractor’s employees and traffic cones, and refrain from initialing the wet concrete.

In the future project department, we’re getting numbers on repairing the collapsed drain pipe on hole #17, and looking for approvals on renovating green surrounds and bunkers on holes 4,5,6, and 11. This could be a very busy spring with a big “to-do” list.

Together we can “Make Golf Great Again”!

William F Hamilton, CGCS

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