Chuck Frank: Smart city re-engineering your neighborhood? |

Chuck Frank: Smart city re-engineering your neighborhood?

In late August, the Nevada County Planner Kingdom played host to a packed house of a very concerned crowd whose 95 percent majority explained why they were not at all interested in a state mandated stack n’ pack, high density housing element with no discretionary action attached.

With the exception of one of four persons on the panel, the Planning Commission, who is appointed by the county, took on its usual stance of “formality” while reluctantly listening to a truckload of persons who voiced their total dissatisfaction with a not so smart city agenda that, in theory, was previously cut in stone and decided before hand. And yes, the Planning Commission, despite a train load of objections, voted three out of four to go forward with a yes vote and rubber stamp the housing blanket proposal, sending it to the supervisors for the next vote.

What was the main beef of the people? It was a 699 unit “housing element” fiasco with no “human element” considered except that the people would be “close to stores, fire protection, a hospital and services.” Welcome to Detroit and another mega meltdown loaded with the usual turmoil, drugs and crime.

And when the question came addressing who might be living in these high density arrangements, in the end, planning had no answer. This calls for a further investigation and here is something that just might stir up your senses.

The federal government and the White House has a “diversification blueprint” for affirmative and alternative living. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is ready to “re-engineer” your neighborhood, but remember, it’s for the “good of the whole.” In other words, the feds are on a manifesto mission to collectivize and micromanage public housing and zoning and change the socioeconomic, racial, religious and ethnic mixture of nearly every American neighborhood, regardless of sexual orientation, public input or individual rights. And this is the grand wisdom offered for a smart city. But don’t forget, before these units are built, there are project impacts, studies, environmental concerns, air quality analysis, greenhouse gas, complicated mitigation aspects and more.

And who’s paying for all of this? The head planner explained that it will be none other than the taxpayers. Welcome to the green money zone. But there’s more. A total of 1,250 municipalities across the land of the “free” will be asked to “diversify” their neighborhoods or risk losing HUD’s housing manna. Well, doesn’t that just take all? Karl Marx would be thrilled beyond measure with this angle. But, you say that you are opposed to mixing good ole suburbia and rural America with a notorious urban living arrangement which is mostly consistent in larger cities? Yes, that is all well and good, however, Washington D.C. and the State of California is not interested in your opinion and they are already embarking upon a general plan using more of your “grant money” to mix and transform America’s neighborhoods.

Now, take note of this next statement, which Marc Thiessen wrote in the June 7 Washington Post, “Putting decisions about how local communities are run in the hands of federal bureaucrats is an assault on freedom. Local autonomy is essential to liberty.”

So, this calls for wisdom. Don’t wait for HUD, the state, or our elected county supervisors and community development planners to redesign a neighborhood that may be mostly free from drugs and crime. Just make sure the idea never gets off the ground.

Begin to educate administrators about the dangers of inculturating unstable, hostile and rebellious people into an already stable and peaceful environment, because in the end, HUD and/or the state with their mandates, will destroy a stable community to where it will become infected with the same mega problems that already plague major cities.

If we recall, the same people who came to us with the “let it burn” forestry mismanagement polices and the thousands of factory closures are also the very same people who will bring us a re-engineered neighborhood that will destroy itself quite rapidly. We are no longer talking about the “housing element.” We are quite frankly talking about the “human element.”

Chuck Frank lives in Penn Valley.

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