Chipping Program Now Operating Seven Days a Week |

Chipping Program Now Operating Seven Days a Week

Fire Safe Council

We all know that it’s important to clear brush away from our homes to help protect it from fire, but did you know the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County (FSCNC) will send a crew to chip your brush piles for free? The chipping program is available to all Nevada County residents, regardless of their ability to pay. The Fire Safe Council suggests a donation of $75 per hour for chipping services received to help ensure the program can continue when grant funding is not available, but a donation is not required to receive this service. This program is funded solely by grants and personal donations.
This program encourages local residents to maintain defensible space around their home. Not only will you be protecting your home, possessions and loved ones, but also assisting firefighters by having adequate space to safely defend your home.
The Fire Safe Council is a non-profit corporation assisting homeowners in understanding, creating and maintaining defensible space around their homes and evacuation routes. They are dedicated to saving lives and reducing fire losses, making our community more fire safe.
Their vision is to create defensible space around every home in Nevada County! Help them achieve their goal — clear the brush from around your home and let them help you by chipping your piles. Beautify your yard and make it safer and more accessible for the fire fighters.
The chipping program is currently caught up, which means wait time to get your piles chipped is less than two weeks. Now is the time to submit an application!
The chipping program operates year-round, weather permitting, throughout Nevada County neighborhoods, based on a first-come, first-served basis.
Residents in need of chipping services must submit a Defensible Space Chipping application available online at or call the Council office at (530) 272-1122.

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