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Judgment Day

Cathy Fagan

We have been led to believe that at the very end of our life, everything we have done flashes before us, and we are able to see events and people that affected, changed or influenced us.

However, it was recently suggested that it is not the events or people that flash before us, it is the way we made people feel during our lifetime that is truly revealed. Think about that — the way you made people feel is what truly sums up your life experiences.

In the corporate world, the best CEO’s are those who mentored and coached an upcoming executive to eventually take their place rather than those who worked to create a legacy for themselves.

It is also said that the best way to achieve real success is to help others reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Further studies have shown that people who experience life-changing events such as surviving a catastrophic illness, a horrific accident, or a violent act of nature, usually see the world differently upon recovery.

Their values change from the love of materialistic and monetary accumulation to love of mankind and dedication to serving and caring for others.

We have all witnessed this in the recent devastating fires in Paradise and the destructive earthquakes in Ridgecrest.

All expressed their gratitude for the lives spared rather than lament the loss of their possessions. All pitched in to help each other one way or another. All showed their love of humankind. Now, that had to generate some really good feelings.

So, as we maneuver through our days here in Lake Wildwood, let’s consider how our words and actions affect people’s feelings. Take the high road, suppress that ego, pay it forward, do whatever it takes to spread those good feelings.

In the end, when your life flashes before you, a lot of smiling faces will be flashing back.

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