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Cathy’s Space—Channel 95 Programming

The TV Club is making great strides in learning all of the new equipment and cameras that move us from analog to digital and into the 21st century. We now have the capability to air more program throughout the day, and to send copies of these programs using digital software rather than make hard copy DVD’s.

With his progress comes new challenges to create more programs, especially those that inform the community of events in a timely manner. Our camera crews and editors are working diligently to keep up, but more manpower is needed to achieve our goal of new and better programs each week.

If you would like to be involved in producing new programs in any way (camera person, TV crew, editor, interviewer, news anchor, etc.), please contact us at No prior experience is needed and you can learn so much while having FUN.

Our newest program, produced by Len Rubin and titled “The Culinary Challenge,” features Chef Chris creating some of his favorites dishes. However, the real purpose of the show is to challenge viewers like you to send in a special family recipe that he will attempt to make just like Grandma did– or better yet, to be a guest on the show to work alongside the chef on your favorite recipe. Recipes and requests can be sent to

So, step out of your comfort zone and delve into a new experience. The TV Club is a friendly, helpful group that endeavors to teach others the trade so that can also experience the pride of producing their own TV show.

Cathy Fagan

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