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‘Captain’s Trophy’ Qualifiers

Nov. 7 was our Captain’s Trophy Tournament. To qualify, you had to have the lowest net score for any given month between November of the previous year and October of the current year.

If a person qualified for multiple months, the runner-up is invited to participate. If a qualified player is unable to play, there is no substitute.

Those that qualified this year were:

November 2018, Bonnie Kranich, Net 66

January 2019, Trish Willard, Net 63

February, Nita Edwards, Net 68

March, Nita Edwards, Net 64

April, Gayle Liljeblad, Net 66

May, Nita Edwards, Net 58

June, Shari Davis, Net 59

July, Patricia O’Toole, Net 61

August, Nancy Venable, Net 60

September, Marilyn Baca, Net 65

October, Patricia O’Toole, Net 67

Congratulations to all of you for qualifying!

At the end of the day the winners were: First Place, Patricia O’Toole, Net 66; Second Place, Nancy Venable, Net 67; Third Place, Gayle Liljeblad, Net 68. Nice golfing, ladies!

November 2019 Low Net winners will carry over to next year and compete in 2020. There was a three-way tie with Net 66 and they were:

Patricia O’Toole, Connie Berg and Carol Jaques

Also going on Nov. 7 was the last round of six for the WGANC Pendant race. We played Individual Low Net. The winners were:

First Place, Connie Berg, Net 66*; Second Place, Patricia O’Toole, Net 66*; Third Place, Betty Moyles, Net 67*; Fourth Place, Nancy Venable, Net 67*; Fifth Place, Gayle Liljeblad, Net 68; Sixth Place, Linda Thode, Net 70; Seventh Place, Sandy Turzak, Net 71; Eighth Place, Trish Willard, Net 72*; Ninth Place, Carol Jaques, Net 72.*

*Ties broken using back nine method.

Those with special accomplishment were: Shari Davis, Chip-in, Birdie, Hole #16; Sandy Twohig, Birdie, Hole #11; Betty Moyles, Birdies, Holes #10 and 17; Chris Fridman, Chip-in, Hole #6; Yvetta Testman, Chip-in, Hole #18; Jane Butler, Birdie, Hole #1; MJ Brusher, Birdie, Hole #14; Carol Jaques, Birdie, Hole #11.

Congratulations to all of you! The Pendant winners were announced at the Holiday Luncheon. Our Club is entitled to three Pendants. To qualify, the lowest three of six scores for each player are averaged and the three players with the lowest average score received WGANC pendants. Recipients were:

First Place, Patricia O’Toole, 67.33

Second Place, Marilyn Baca, 68.67

Third Place, Connie Berg, 69.67

On Nov. 14, we played the annual Turkey Shoot. Winners were announced at the Holiday Luncheon. Thanks to Penelope Crumpley and Trish Willard for a very fun day.

The Individual games and Fairway Turkeys scores were:

Closest to the Pin: First Place, Bridget Buford, 8’4”; Second Place, Kay Gilbert, 9’6 ½”; Third Place, Alma Ortega-Avery, 18’1/2”

Most Fairway Turkeys: First Place, Patricia O’Toole, 18; Second Place, Marilyn Baca, 17; Third Place, Karen Price, 16.*

The Turkey Shoot Team Stableford points were 4 Eagle, 3 Birdie, 2 Par, 1 Bogie, 0 Double Bogie or more. Team results:

Mashed Potato Flight: First Place – Price, Liljeblad, O’Toole and Willard, Team Score 55; Second Place – Twohig, Thode, Powers and Buford, Team Score 53; Third Place – Jaques, Gilbert, Turzak and Graham, Team Score 52.

Gravy Flight: First Place – Pucci, Venable, Allred and Morello, Team Score 50*; Second Place – Archer, Broadbent, Heibel and Hisken, Team Score 50*; Third Place – Fridman, Davis, Rupert and Julian, Team Score 49

*Ties broken using the back nine method.

Those with special accomplishments were:

Penelope Crumpley, Chip-in/Birdie Hole #11 and Birdie Hole #16

Maria Fahey, Chip-in, Hole #17

Chris Fridman, Birdie/Chip-in Hole #1 and Chip-in Hole #7

Kathie Rupert, Birdie Hole #7 and Chip-in Hole #13

Karen Price, Birdie Hole #13

Yvetta Testman, Chip-in Hole #12

Bridget Buford, Eagle/Chip-in Hole #2

Way to go, ladies!

On Nov. 22, we played Drive, Approach, Putt (DAP for short), which is basically a team scramble with several twists. Well, that was a test in brain teasers, score card wise! So Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! There were a couple of you that had special accomplishments for the day.

Karen Price had an unassisted Birdie on Hole #11. Yvetta Testman had Chip-ins on Holes #3 and 17. Sandy Twohig had a Chip-in on Hole #17. And Betty Moyles had three unassisted Birdies on Holes #5, 15 and 16.

Congratulations to all of you!

The results from the Individual Eclectic Tournament were announced. The Overall Winner was Bridget Buford, with a nice Net 42.

Flight 1: First Place, Susan Sainz, Net 45.25; Second Place, Janice Pucci, Net 46.75; Third Place, Penelope Crumpley, Net 47.75.

Flight 2: First Place, Gayle Liljeblad, Net 44.75; Second Place, Marilyn Baca, Net 45.00; Third Place, Dottie Teague, Net 45.50.

Flight 3: First Place, Nita Edwards, Net 42.25; Second Place, Patricia O’Toole, Net 45.50; Third Place, Shari Davis, Net 50.00.

Flight 4: First Place, MJ Brusher, Net 42.25; Second Place, Betsy Szyper**81, Net 49.25; Third Place, Diane Brewster**82, Net 49.25; Fourth Place, Verda Powers**83, Net 50.25.

**Tie Breaker Back Nine Method (**last 9 holes/*last 6 holes).

The Most Improved player for 2019 was Penelope Crumpley, with First Runner-up Nita Edwards and Second Runner-up Sandy Twohig. Congratulations!

If you are a woman resident of Lake Wildwood and love to play golf, we would love to meet you. If you are looking to meet some fun gals to play golf with, we would love to have you join us. We play on Thursday mornings. Contact MJ Brusher at 205-9492 for details on how to join our Club.

My next article is due after the holidays in January. I will send you the date once I receive the new schedule for 2020. If you have any Club-related information or know a Club member who did well at an away play day, please be sure to let me know so I can be sure to have it in the next article. Your help makes this article possible! Have fun, Happy Holidays and I will see you on the course.

Editor’s Note: The Dec. 6 submission of Tee Talk was misfiled by “Yours Truly” and failed to appear in that edition. My apologies — md

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