Bylaw Changes Possible with New Handicap System |

Bylaw Changes Possible with New Handicap System

Bambi Flanigan

January Breakfast Meeting: Our captain Judy Armstrong-Reilly called the meeting to order promptly at 9 a.m. She went over the changes to be implemented this year. We will be receiving an email with general minutes of the meeting from our secretary Ginny Kirkley.

Due to the distraction of passing of sign-up sheets, they will be found on a table in the back. If there is no interest, the events cannot happen. Today sheets are Alzheimer’s Tournament, Dinner Dance and Casino Night.

Lake Wildwood is hosting the WNHGA spring meeting on March 6 and four Board members will be attending.

Captain Bill Mann from the Men’s Niners has scheduled the Odd Couples Tournament for April 21, with a 9:30 a.m. shotgun. He asked if there is an interest in a coffee/cappuccino station and/or salad/sandwich/soup station for golfers and guests, and half the attendees were in favor.

There may be a need for possible by-law changes, due to the new Worldwide Handicap System.

There are a number of possible issues: allowing votes by email; allowing prospective members to join as full members and play with the Niners on Tuesday without requisite number of cards, earning them as they play with the members (to enter sweeps, 10 cards must be attained); allowing participation in the sweeps if you pick up after you reach your “max” score on a hole; etc.

Co-captain Alma Ortega-Avery informed the ladies that the new Pink Rosters were available and she was giving them out after the meeting.

Our treasurer Judy Pappas has found some excess money and will be contributing $3.00 to each meal at our luncheons from April through December.

Cherie Mayfield, our Membership chair, is working with a new member who was unable to be here.

Jerri Morello, Tournaments, stated that our tournaments would begin in April. On tournament days we will be given a number as we arrive and teams will be formed from those numbers.

Randi Kemper, Rules chair, had no rules for us today.

Deborah Stein, Delegate, will be announcing all upcoming events from the WNGHA 2020 roster. She will be taking over name tags. Joan Broomfield has passed the task of the website to Deborah after nine years of wonderful upkeep and the transition to Jonas. Thank you, Joan!

Golf Committee report by Bambi Flanigan was given. The 2020 Informed Member Series is starting Jan. 30 for anyone interested in becoming a Board of Director for Lake Wildwood or has interest in what you should know about Lake Wildwood.

The Short 150-yard tees are now going to be yellow and both on front and back. Sprinkler system renovation will begin in May and run through September. The Ladies’ and Men’s invitational will not be interrupted.

January birthdays were celebrated, with Lonni Hoyt, Sunshine chair.

Old Business: The Lady Niners survey will be reviewed in the upcoming months.

New Business: Handicap Presentation by Carol Jacques. Both Carol and Cyndi Yano are available to assist with questions in understanding the new system.

Maximum Score/Hole = Par plus 2 (double bogey) plus Pops (handicap points)

Cheat sheets will be available for Niners on play days and will be emailed to all members.

Easily find your handicap and note on your score card as the maximum allowable score to post each hole.

Once you reach that score, you may pick up and you will post that score.

This cheat sheet only works for nine holes at Lake Wildwood. This impacts higher handicaps more than lower handicaps.

Post the day you play by midnight to enjoy the advantage of course conditions adjustments to your score.

There is a new NCGA GHIN app for phones. If don’t have the new app, delete the old app and reinstall to obtain the new app. (See Carol or Cyndi if you have a problem.)

When playing 18 holes, how to post is being determined and Carol and Cyndi will get back to you all how you should post your scores. Dividing by two and posting two 9-hole scores does not work.

Meeting adjourned at 9:34 a.m.

Hope to see you all next month, Tuesday, Feb. 18, at 8:30 a.m. Happy Golf.

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