Bruce Puphal Honored as 2019 Citizen of the Year |

Bruce Puphal Honored as 2019 Citizen of the Year

Bruce Puphal

Each year a citizen of Lake Wildwood is honored for his or her outstanding volunteer contributions to the community. This year seven deserving community members were nominated: Bruce Puphal, Jeff Heyser, Fred Peterson, Virginia Gompertz, Mark Glendinning, Debbie Mazorra and Liz Alvarado.

Bruce Puphal was chosen as the 2019 Citizen of the Year for his tireless work in helping the community focus on wild fire preparedness. Bruce has been a member of our public safety committee for approximately 10 years. A strong advocate for fire preparedness, he was selected to be the chairman of the Ad Hoc Fire Reduction Committee. He has led the efforts to inform residents and prepare our community for a wild fire event. He has personally conducted numerous fire risk reduction advisory visits in our community, as well as training a cadre that have fanned out and conducted many more visits.

His leadership is essential in developing community plans on how to use our resources wisely to provide the best fuel reduction plan.

Bruce was recently elected to be a member of the Penn Valley Fire Protection District Board of Directors. Not only does Lake Wildwood benefit from his expertise, but the Penn Valley District will now also.

A side note: Have you ever wondered who changes the Smokey Bear signs at the entry gates? Bruce does it. He checks the U.S. Forest Service reports and adjusts the signs.

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