Bocce: Fun Game of Thought and Camaraderie |

Bocce: Fun Game of Thought and Camaraderie

Bernie Theobald

Bocce ball is an easy-to-learn fun game of thought and camaraderie — a great game for all ages and ability!

When Barbara and I moved to Lake Wildwood in 2017 we decided to join the Bocce Club for two reasons. First, I enjoy the game and encouraged Barbara to also join in the fun and learn the game.

She’s a good putter on the golf course and felt that her putting skills would translate well on the bocce court. I played for several years in a bocce league in the Bay Area town in which we lived and enjoyed the fellowship that came with the game.

Bocce ball also involves more strategy than casual observers might assume.

Second, we wanted a venue that would give us an opportunity to meet new folks.

Well, Bingo! … on both counts! What a fun experience being part of the Lake’s Bocce Club has been!

The weekly “pick up” games (in the morning and evenings during spring and summer) are fun, laid-back, friendly and enjoyable!

The monthly tournaments on Saturday mornings are well organized, inclusive, informal, competitive in a fun way and casual.

And the monthly Bocce Club social events are just awesome — even if you don’t play bocce on a weekly basis!

Delicious, yummy, home-made food, byob and neighborly conversation. What a nice way to spend a relaxing afternoon!

Check out Lake Wildwood’s Bocce Club! You will be pleasantly surprised how much fun you can have enjoying the game on our two well-maintained bocce courts! Playing bocce is good exercise, inexpensive and easier on the bones than other sporting activities.

The game is simple to learn, enjoyable to play and a good way to make friends.

New Bocce Club folks are always welcome, including anyone new to the game!

For more info see our bocce web page under Clubs at or contact Michelle Moore, Club president, at

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