Bob Larive: Cannabis propaganda |

Bob Larive: Cannabis propaganda

We received our copy of The Union yesterday, which included the eight-page propaganda piece from the California Growers Association. Eight pages of nonsense.

They claim marijuana is wonderful, the growers all want to follow the law, marijuana is an economic miracle, growers all protect the environment and Nevada County with unrestricted medical marijuana will be heaven on earth. Again so much nonsense! The marijuana advocates live in a fantasy world. Nothing they claim is true in the real world.

There might actually be a few growers who follow the law but not many. The advocates claim they only want fair and equitable laws in a framework they can live with and of course they will follow the law. They want a “framework for cannabis farmers to operate that include licensing, inspections, testing, and distribution channels.” We had that from the supervisors in 2012. That certainly didn’t work. Given an inch the growers took a mile. Nevada County became a “grow county.” Just within a mile of our property there were thousands of plants last year. Some growers got caught, one with more than 1,600 plants, but the others didn’t.

One question I have is if the “legitimate” growers are so law abiding and concerned for the county and their business, why do they not turn in the growers who are not following the law and encroaching on their business and causing problems? They know who the illegitimate growers are but do nothing. They remind me of “the peace loving” Muslims who know who the terrorists are but say nothing. The growers protect the illegitimate growers who are a scourge on our county and need to be permanently removed.

We will all benefit, maybe not the hydroponics dealers and a few others, with their departure but in the future Nevada County will be a better place to live without them.

We need to pass Measure W in June so we will have a real tool to clean up the marijuana problem in Nevada County.

Bob Larive lives in Nevada City.

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