Board Sets New Rules for Reducing Fire Fuels |

Board Sets New Rules for Reducing Fire Fuels

Lake Wildwood Board of Directors

All of us are aware of the risk of fire in our wonderful foothills location. Lake Wildwood is having to change our rules to get ahead on reducing our fire risk and to comply with State Laws and County ordinances. To this end the Board recently adopted several rules to help reduce our risk of fire and preserve our beautiful environment. This message is to bring you up to speed on how these changes will affect you. In general these changes are the following.

(1) Owners may remove trees on their property up to 8-inches in diameter (measured at four [4] feet above the ground) without needing a permit form Lake Wildwood. The prior rule was that removal of trees more than 3-inches in diameter required a permit.

(2) Propane tanks may NOT be screened with vegetation. They are to be buried, or screened or camouflaged with fire resistant materials which are approved by EMO, (the Uniform Fire Code requires that the tank be clear of vegetation for 10 feet in every direction, and the soil under it must be bare mineral soil).

(3) Homeowners are prohibited from (a) destroying or planting any vegetation within the common areas without approval of the EMO and the Public Works Director and (b) planting anything within ten (10) feet of the paved surface of the road, whether in the Common Area or on their own property, unless approved by EMO and the Public Works Director.

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(4) Nevada County requires that land must be cleared of vegetation on the ground for ten (10) feet from the edge of the paved surface of the road. Trees that are located in or overhanging that 10-foot area must be trimmed of branches 15 feet or higher above the road. We have incorporated that in our rules.

(5) Firewood or wood for current construction must be stored at least 30 feet from a home or covered with a tarp bearing the legend “Registered Flame Retardant, State of California Fire Marshall” (obtainable from the Fire Safe Council and various local hardware stores and online). No other wood may be stored on the property.

(6) Landscaping requirements for new construction and home improvements are changed so that their design provides Defensible Space, and complies with California Public Resources Code Section 4291 and Nevada County ordinances

For specifics, see revised Rules 6.20.21, 6.20.40, and 6.30.30 on the Lake Wildwood website.

Additionally an amendment to Rule 6.30.20 is in process to clarify that the following constitute a nuisance and may be abated: Dead, declining, or overgrown shrubs, trees, or portions of trees (including logs), branches, or other vegetation, un-mowed lawns, accumulated yard clippings, uncontrolled or excessive weeds, and wood piles for other than firewood or current construction.

We are hoping that each of you will diligently comply with these revised rules to protect our homes and neighborhoods, their safety, and our beautiful environment. Those of us who have done so find that our properties now look nicer, more like parks and less like jungles!

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