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Bill Fortier: Transcendental Meditation helps with PTSD

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Bill Fortier

I am writing this in hopes that it will be published and/or made available to Veterans and their families before/during/after the Annual Nevada County Stand Down being held on Oct. 7-8 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley.

This is important because most veterans are unaware and uninformed about the benefits of Transcendental Meditation (known as “TM”) and its profound effect on those who practice it. Or, if they have heard about it, they are concerned because it sounds strange to them or they believe it is associated with some religion or cult, etc., all of which are untrue!

Many don’t know that the Department of Defense has now incorporated TM into its training in the military services and medical programs that help insure Warrior Wellness, both mental and physical. The DoD is finding out that there are great benefits for its military members who have taken the TM training.

I served three decades in the Army (Active, NG & Reserve) with two tours in Vietnam and have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I spent a year and a half in a VA program to deal with the effects of PTSD that helped me, along with several different prescribed medications. Two years ago, I learned TM and it has had a profound effect on my life. Very quickly I found a peace that I had not known in a long time. I remember my comment when asked early on while taking TM how it had affected me … I told them, “It is the first time I have noticed how quiet it is because I don’t seem to have all that ‘noise’ in my head.” You see, I had found a calmness that I hadn’t known in decades.

“It is the first time I have noticed how quiet it is because I don’t seem to have all that ‘noise’ in my head.”

As a result, I was able to quit taking a lot of my medications and am able to sleep without all the meds I used to take.

That is the reason I feel it is so important to get this information out to as many of our veterans as possible … to let them know that there is a very effective, easily learned technique available out there that is changing the lives of many other Veterans, military service members and their family members.

And most of all, it is important to spread the word because this simple technique which is bringing peace into the lives of so many of our wounded warriors, may just touch the life of someone who is considering taking their own life to escape the pain, depression and frustration brought on by PTSD.

Thank you, in advance, for helping to get this information out to our Veterans and their families about this very important tool, available to them. Anyone interested in learning to meditate or wanting to get more information about Transcendental Meditation can contact Jerry Custard (located locally in the Grass Valley area) at 641-226-0162.

Colonel Bill Fortier, US Army, Retired, lives in Lake of the Pines.

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