Bill Alexander: Protests doing what they’re meant to do |

Bill Alexander: Protests doing what they’re meant to do

Recent letter writer Dick Panzica of Penn Valley on Sept. 28 cannot go unanswered. His letter suggests that the litmus test for wellness in the minority communities should be the number of elected positions minorities hold.

At first glance, I thought it was a joke, but as I read further I realized just how insulated Mr. Panzica is from the lives of those minority communities. To suggest that discrimination is a thing of the past is ludicrous, to suggest that all is well because ‘things are getting better’ is a clear indicator that the writer is completely unaffected by racial prejudices and is only upset that those pesky demonstrators have discomforted his view of the world.

Hooray! That is exactly what they are meant to do!

It’s all well and good to pine for ‘the good old days,’ like the Archie Bunker song, you no-doubt “had it made.” Others didn’t, many played by the rules and got nowhere. Nobody pays mind to a hinge that doesn’t squeak. As to their morals, I’d put the moral compass of those athletes that take a knee over the thousands of spectators on their cell phones, or racing to the beer lines any time any day.

To even suggest that the lack of public school prayer factors in, please note that our nation was founded on religious freedom. That freedom meant taking prayer to one God over another totally against what our founding fathers stood for. Unfortunately for you, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed.

Perhaps the letter writer would clarify that classroom readings from the Koran, Torah, Tipitaka or even the teachings of Confucius would be acceptable and not leave the impression that only Christianity has the answers.

Bill Alexander is a Caucasian, Roman Catholic and Vietnam combat veteran who lives in Penn Valley.

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