Barbara Tiegs Talks 2020 Fire Reduction Plan |

Barbara Tiegs Talks 2020 Fire Reduction Plan

Virginia Gompertz

“Last year, we accomplished much in the community and we’re looking forward to another productive year,” comments Barbara Tiegs, chair of the fire risk reduction working group.

“This will be a great year for the Lake Wildwood community, and I’m very excited about the firewise work ahead of us,” she says. Using our grant money, we’ve hired a registered forester who will give us a better understanding of our community relating to fire risk, fire behavior and becoming more fire wise. This is called a “Community Wildfire Protection Plan.”

We’ll begin with a map of our community showing types of vegetation (density: live and dead fuels), identify evacuation routes and fire hydrants, etc. The goal for this map is to expose areas of improvement and expose high-risk areas, which will identify new and prioritize existing fuel reduction projects. This will also help qualify future fuel reduction grant requests.

We’ll also continue to work on and expand projects completed this year: community forums, green waste drops, training and education classes, Defensible Space Advisory visits, goat grazing, hardening homes, neighborhood groups, etc. This is a lot of work that will be implemented via staff, committees and volunteers.

“We know we have reached about 20 percent of the community — the early adopters,” explains Barbara. “Now, we hope to work with the Community Relations Committee (CRC) to expand our reach in a manner that resonates with the rest of our members.”

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