Ban psychotropic drugs |

Ban psychotropic drugs

My first disagreement with Conni Barker’s piece in The Union (Other Voices, May 21) is the title: “Mental disorders are not behavioral problems.” It should have read “Behavioral problems are not mental disorders!” Psychiatry wants us to believe that every kind of childish behavior is a mental disorder! Ms. Barker’s pro-psychiatry piece doesn’t surprise me since she worked for the California Psychiatric Association. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know of what she speaks.

No doubt she’s unaware of psychiatry’s sordid Nazi and criminal history and has swallowed their lies. For instance, is she aware that there is no scientific or medical basis for any of those so-called “mental disorders,” such as ADHD, OCD, etc., and that they are simply made up at psychiatry’s annual meetings?!

Is she aware that Ritalin is in the same drug classification as cocaine and just as addictive? There are about 10 million children in the U.S. already on this drug, and kids are buying and selling it in school! Psychiatry is creating a whole generation of drug addicts!

Even psychiatrists will admit that they don’t actually know what mental illness is nor have they ever cured even one person. Yet they are touted as the “experts” in the field of mental health and rake in billions in insurance, along with their pharmaceutical cohorts who put those drugs out. Meanwhile, the corrupt, drug company-owned FDA twiddles it thumbs and blithely approves poisonous drug after poisonous drug. Then the psychs and drug companies push them on regular MDs to prescribe. In some places, they are even getting school counselors to diagnose kids and prescribe Ritalin.

Even psychiatrists will admit that they don’t actually know what mental illness is nor have they ever cured even one person.

In addition to that, several of the shooters in the past several years were on or had recently been on other, even worse psychotropic drugs, all the way back to the boys from Columbine! Those dangerous drugs turn a troubled person into a psychotic maniac!

If Ms. Barker thinks so highly of psychiatry and their treatments, would she be willing to have her children take any of their dangerous drugs or perhaps maybe receive a shock treatment or a lobotomy? Those are their “treatments.”

It’s too bad Ms. Barker didn’t do more real investigation into psychiatry before wasting her legal efforts on such a criminal activity, for it is her information that is outdated and inaccurate. All of this data and the history of psychiatry is proven and documented — one just has to look for themselves, which is what I wish Ms. Barker would do. A good policy is look, don’t listen.

I’m very thankful that there is such an organization as Citizens Commission on Human Rights fighting to get the truth out. They are the ones who fought to at least get black box warnings on those dangerous psychotropic drugs. Now they need to get rid of them entirely! Go to and check it out for yourself.

Marcia Winborne-Graven lives in Lake of the Pines.

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