ASPOA needs reality check |

ASPOA needs reality check

The ASPOA needs a reality check. They have refused to recognize that there are members in their association who do not agree with all the deceit and lies that have been plaguing this club for many months now. They criticize the recall effort for not following the by-laws, but in actuality, they are not following them.

The board shows up at the recall vote to tell their members not to vote, that the vote is not valid. They announce that they have such a strong following with an outpouring of emails commending them and giving support — then why didn’t they encourage those people to come out and vote so they could vote the recall group down?

The hard truth is that this vote was completely valid. The recall effort circulated petitions and gathered more than enough signatures to hold this vote. The board’s lawyer was part of the procedure in certifying the signatures then stated “in his opinion” the petitions were not valid. Our lawyer stated otherwise.

There were enough votes to be valid. There were almost enough votes via proxies to recall this board. The recall vote was a landslide.

Why we didn’t do the paperwork correctly? According to the current board, there is no way to do the paperwork correctly. What does it take to ask them to step down, that we aren’t happy with the way they have drained the membership treasury?

It seems to be easier to recall a Senate member than to recall these irresponsible people from this neighborhood association. Ask the current board how many members it has heard from asking it to resign?

Attending the board meetings has become a nightmare. There are people lining outside the hallway — they refused to have a larger room to accommodate those who want to attend. One meeting, they were asked by management to move into a larger room (the board lied and said it was not available) because crowding the hall was a safety concern. Board members shout at dues-paying members, trying to get a point across, and yell “stop talking.” The minutes posted on their website marginally meet the record of what was really said. One meeting, they refused to answer questions or allow any new business because they said they were in litigation. Excuse me, but I have no lawsuit against these people, but yet there was no board business to be disclosed that day.

They pushed out a board member who was commenting about resigning, and replaced by another that no one even saw coming. In the time of three minutes, a longtime board member was removed and replaced, and the meeting was adjourned. The members had no input about who should be the replacement.

Lies and deceit, over and over. I just cant fathom why this group of people is holding on so tight for a position on this neighborhood association. Once the money is gone, it’s gone. They can’t even pay the landscaper to water the plants on the entrances of the subdivision. I just wonder how much longer they can stay alive. Who’s going to pay for their elections? Oh, that’s right, they had a run of new members join so they could vote them out. Maybe that’s why they didn’t resist our recall vote — these days, it’s the only way to get those membership dues.

Laura Rose McLeod lives in Alta Sierra.

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