Ashley Neumann: How will SB277 effect our families and schools? |

Ashley Neumann: How will SB277 effect our families and schools?

The network of moms I share life with is an incredible group of multicultural, multigenerational women from almost every race, religion, occupation, lifestyle, sexuality and political persuasion.

After reading SB277 (, almost every one of us is against it. Most of these moms have fully vaccinated children, only a few have completely unvaccinated kids and some selectively vaccinated (under-vaccinated).

Considering Nevada County has the highest percentage of under-vaccinated children in the state, how is our unique community going to enforce this law while still protecting the constitutional rights, HIPPA rights and personal liberty of this growing group of parents?

In addition to the 10 mandatory vaccines, SB277 includes any new vaccines added to this list in the future. Do we really want Nevada County toddlers and school kids to be guinea pigs for new vaccines?

Will our leaders promote the benefits of vaccination using science and compassion or will they administer this new law by force?

As of July 2016, this law will also force a toddler at daycare to be vaccinated against an STD, Hep B. There are rare but serious risks associated with the Hep B vaccine listed in the package insert. The National Vaccine Injury Court ( has awarded more than $3 billion to vaccine injured families, including those injured by the Hep B vaccine. Shouldn’t parents of young children still have the right to delay an unnecessary STD vaccine with rare but serious side effects? SB277 takes that right away or denies that child a California Constitutional right to a public education. Ironically, it is “discriminatory” to deny a student infected with Hep B a classroom education, but SB277 would deny a healthy student a classroom education, just because she isn’t vaccinated for Hep B. Will our already overburdened schools be liable for denying enrollment? Will school staff need to be trained on HIPPA rights since they will have access to private health care information?

Personally, I am hopeful for new STD vaccines. We have an STD emergency devastating American teens. According to the CDC, one in four Americans age 15 to 24 are infected with a STD/STI. Educating teens on the risks and benefits of STD vaccines is imperative before they become sexually active, but isn’t age three too young? Shouldn’t the parent, child and their doctor make these choices rather than politicians getting campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies? What if a teen chooses to abstain from sex? There is zero chance of her contracting an STD, making STD vaccines and their risks unnecessary. Shouldn’t that teen have the right to choose or reject what is injected into her body without discrimination?

SB277 will also adversely affect the poor, single moms and other minority groups. What are a single mom’s choices? Forcibly inject her kindergartner with all the required vaccines within the next few months or quit work, go on welfare, and homeschool her child … falling deeper into poverty. Poor working families can’t afford to homeschool.

What about the family that “identifies” as vegan, this law forces that child to be injected with vaccine mediums cultured off eggs, cow, monkey and/or human embryonic cells? The pro-life family that objects to aborted human fetal cell lines (WI-38, MRC-5) being used to make several mandatory vaccines? What about the sixth grader with an older sibling that is vaccine injured? That child can’t be “grandfathered” into the next “grade span.” This law will force that mother to risk a second vaccine injured child or deny that child a public education. Can we empathize with that mom?

Many of us know a mom of a vaccine injured child. Our hearts break seeing her care for this child. We will not silently watch that mom be dismissed as an “emotional, anti-science, anti-vaxxer” for simply sharing her story. She was actually pro-vaccine until the vaccine injury. Most people have no recognizable adverse reaction to vaccines but denying or downplaying vaccine injuries is dishonest and offensive to the injured.

Are our local bureaucrats going to rubber stamp whatever comes down from the state or are they going to be empathetic to their Nevada County constituents? Will our leaders promote the benefits of vaccination using science and compassion or will they administer this new law by force?

Ashley Neumann is a wife, mother and Nevada County resident for the past 16 years.

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