Are we better off than four years ago? |

Are we better off than four years ago?

In a recent Other Voices column, Ms. Eubanks, staunch member of the Obama Choir, criticized another columnist, Ms. Simmons, for not having checked her facts.

Eubanks omitted some pertinent facts about Obama’s administration.

Obama has slashed our nuclear arsenal while potential enemies are expanding military power. He has brought a total of cuts to our defense of a trillion dollars. He has removed American from being a global power. Yet, he increases overall spending in “green” technology. Eubanks does not mention Solyndra. His whispered comment to Medvedev of Russia, “After my election, I have more flexibility” may imply that he intends to weaken us further. Hey! If Eubanks gets to interpret Obama’s “You didn’t build that” speech, I get to interpret Obama’s remark to Russia’s president when he thought the mike was off.

Speaking of the “You didn’t build that” speech, what other interpretation can be given to it? Try this: That income from a business you did not build was not “earned.” If it was not “earned” then the government can justifiably seize that money.

Success is a good thing, but Obama demonizes achievers.

Obama attacks the rich. He calls them greedy and selfish. Yet, America’s success is largely built on people who have made great achievements. People like Peter Cooper who without a formal education created an empire in the 19th century and then donated millions back to the people. Success is a good thing, but Obama demonizes achievers.

Obama blocked oil drilling in the U.S. and delayed the Keystone Pipeline project yet financed PEMEX with American tax dollars in Mexico. How about his praise of drilling in Columbia and Brazil, but putting a moratorium on drilling in the U.S.?

Talk about getting facts straight. America has vast resources of oil. America has pioneered hydraulic fracturing but Obama has declared war against extracting natural gas.

Obama has made it virtually impossible to build new coal power plants. He caused existing coal plants to close and now has targeted fracking.

Obama snubs our allies and helps our enemies by (1) taking Palestine’s side against our longtime ally, Israel; (2) removing Churchill’s bust from the White House; (3) angering Canada’s prime minister with procrastination about the Keystone pipeline (4) canceling anti-missile system planned for Poland and the Czech Republic; (5) using diplomatic pressure to oust America’s longtime ally Hosni Mubarak, and clearing the way for Islamic radicals and the Muslim Brotherhood; (6) allying with the Tahrir protesters.

Ms. Eubanks says Obama put a temporary moratorium on gulf drilling because he wants time to investigate and assure there is not another oil spill, but she overlooks that he doesn’t mind financing oil drilling in Brazil. She also didn’t mention that Brazil took our tax dollars given to them by U.S., then sold their oil to China.

BIOB (Blame it on Bush) has been Obama’s mantra for nearly four years, now Eubanks parrots it. “That old dog don’t hunt,” I say. Obama’s increase in debt has gone far and beyond Bush’s debt. If Republican debts were so bad, then increasing them makes it better?

Eubanks says Obama inherited an economy that was losing 700,000 jobs a month. Then, what has he done to put Americans back to work? She says that Obama didn’t nationalize the auto industry. But didn’t she miss the fact that government control over banking, health care, energy and industry makes them less efficient than if run by private enterprise?

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Patricia Lee Andersen lives in Grass Valley.

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