Another Scramble…Another Big Payoff! |

Another Scramble…Another Big Payoff!

Wildwood Men’s 9-Hole Club

We did it again on Oct 16 — we had another Scramble Tournament — but this time the rules only had one hole requiring the use of the worst shot. It was entitled the “Fun Scramble” and as it turned out 33 Men Niners came in as winners and share the winnings. Now that’s — fun! Here’s the rundown:
First Place with 34 strokes – Andy Nichols, John Vogel, Jim Grimshaw and Bill Alexander; Second Place at 35 strokes – Larry Flint, Mike Baca, Ron Spooner and Dan Kyte;
Third Place tie with 36 strokes – Joe Mutascio, Chito Gonzaga, Dave Galitello, Lou Lawver and Dennis Rough; John Cicero, Darrell Hendricks, Jim Moss and Tom Lalli; Terry Theis, Barna Szabo, Bob Welti and Fred Huberty.
Sixth Place tie (meaning everyone else) at 37 strokes – Chuck Strang, Bill Mann, Bob Martin, Tom Gleiser and Luis Samaniego; Ric Gagelin, Mark Malak, Mark Stanley and Kurt Schlageter; Jim Nielsen, Ed Lauchner and Mike Stratman.
The day was ideal weather-wise, the course was now healed from Bill Hamilton’s violent care and all niners enjoyed the outing. Congrats to all who played and won.
The next tournament will be scheduled in November before Thanksgiving, probably the 20th, weather permitting. Details have not been finalized but you can bet Colin Phillips and Tom Lalli will produce another gem.
Bud Angel, our first VP, has had some medical problems so if you can, give him a call and wish him a speedy conclusion to what ails him.
Also mark down in your book our annual meeting breakfast on Thursday, Dec. 13, in the Cedar Room, starting serving at 9:00 a.m. This is an important meeting because members can vote for new management as well as other ideas on how the Niners should operate in the future. If any member has an interest in becoming a member of the board, please call one of the current directors or Bill Mann, captain, and volunteer. Here’s your opportunity to have a say on the workings of the Men’s Niners Club.
We are beginning to see the temperature fall so be sure to check on frost delays before you come to the course. See ya on the first tee. — Jim Moss

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