Already Planning Summer Projects |

Already Planning Summer Projects

Greetings, Lake Wildwood. My desert blood is enjoying this cold weather. Brisk mornings and frost are something that you could come to miss.

This is the time of year that we are planning projects and ideas for the summer activities. All our directors and managers are working diligently with their budgets and goals. I think that this year will be an exciting year; I know it will for me, being new to the Community.

You will see in this e-Bits a notice regarding PG&E and the trimming of greenery and shrubs around the power poles. We received notice just yesterday that the work will be done on select properties beginning next week. We have been told that the homes have been notified by PG&E with a door notice or written letter.

Please be aware that if you have concerns about your landscaping to be trimmed, you will need to work out your needs directly with PG&E. Lake Wildwood does not have the resources to represent all your individual needs regarding the trimming of the poles.

The PG&E pole clearing is not in conjunction with Lake Wildwood’s upcoming program to address the Community fire fuel reduction needs.

I will be communicating with you all soon with a plan to start our Association efforts to address the street clearances required by Cal Fire and the new landscape rules that apply.

I would like to again remind all dog owners that there has been an increase in calls to Security regarding dog barking, as well as an increase in reports of dogs in our Community parks, both attended and not attended.

I ask that if you do have a wonderful pet, that you follow the community rules regarding dogs and their behavior restrictions in the Community.

Thanks for a great season so far and enjoy!

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