All Good and Wet Right Now |

All Good and Wet Right Now

Bill Hamilton

Just about the time that everything dries out enough to put traffic on the grass, a new storm track kicks in. We are definitely good and wet right now and will be getting wetter in the near future. So far this rain season we’re at the 15-inch mark.

With plenty of rain in the bucket, we’ve started the irrigation project on the Golf Course. Since we presently don’t need any additional water, we’ve contracted for the new pump station to be put in the building on the 12th Hole.

Before Christmas, the old station, which was installed new in 1998, was carefully pulled out of the pump house using a big crane and a backhoe. Once on land, it was amazing to see the amount of corrosion in the metal pumps that were below the water line. We timed the end of useful life perfectly.

Another point of interest was to see the water meter that registered the total gallonage that the pumps spit out during their 21-year lifespan of golf course irrigation: 1.8 billion gallons. For those of you playing along at home, that’s an average of 86 million gallons of water per year. I wonder what percentage of that was in leaks and broken pipes.

The real point of interest will be in exactly how much our new and improved efficient system will save us in water, electricity, and labor.

The new irrigation design and improved pumping ability will permit us to get the required watering done in much less time. Sorry PG&E.

You’ll soon see the shiny new pump station being installed in the next week or so. The hardest part of getting started is getting started.

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