Agenda 21: conspiracy theory or not? |

Agenda 21: conspiracy theory or not?

I would like to respond to Supervisor Anderson’s comments in a recent Other Voices guest column. Mr. Anderson said, “To claim the United Nations can somehow insidiously harm the quality of life in Nevada County is not only to misunderstand the history and process of American land-use planning, it devalues the prominent role that you and I play in shaping the places where we live. There is no such conspiracy.”

UN Agenda 21 is an action plan of the UN with regard to sustainable development and a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. It is a nonbinding agreement that has been supported and agreed to by every United States president from George H.W. Bush on.

We can decide for ourselves if this constitutes a conspiracy. However, for our supervisor to delude us into thinking that Agenda 21 and/or its impact are imaginary is to do his constituents a great disservice.

Its policies are woven into all the general plans of the cities and counties in the U.S. and its philosophy affects residents of this county every day. Agenda 21 calls for governments, at all echelons, to take control of all land use and not leave any decision making in the hands of private property owners “because they are not capable of being good stewards.”

Agenda 21 calls our way of life (living in a single family home, driving a car, enjoying a rural lifestyle) unsustainable and suggests that our individual rights are to give way to the needs of communities as determined by a globalist governing body. Sound farfetched?

At this very moment, Nevada County faces losing 80,914 “federal” acres and 57,369 private acres — 23 percent of our land — for the protection of a frog. Yes, a frog. Agenda 21’s Wildlands Project is being implemented right here and now in Nevada County as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to confiscate this land, along with a total of 2 million acres covering nine counties and two national parks, and forbidding the use of this land for grazing, timber harvest, fire management, dams, water diversion, mining and recreation.

Once this happens, surrounding areas can be rendered off limits without provocation or due process. This is set to occur in spite of the fact that it has been proven that these frogs are endangered due to a virus that plagues them, which is happening to amphibians everywhere, and because of the trout that eat them. Their risk of extinction is not a result of, nor can it be prevented by, their habitat. All that aside, we are talking about frogs and, in my book, humans trump frogs. What would be the damage to our society should these frogs become extinct? Doesn’t this seem sort of ludicrous? How could rational, intelligent people reach these conclusions if not for some “other” agenda?

This same tactic, applied to the Pacific west in an effort to protect the spotted owl, has financially devastated many California and Oregon counties. Yet the government intends to extend the spotted owl listing to 50 more counties in California, Oregon and Washington. Whether you believe this to be influenced by Agenda 21 or not, what is it if not a plan to force people out of rural areas?

Albeit difficult, if not impossible, to estimate the fiscal effects to Nevada County by allowing this land to be taken, it certainly has the potential to wreck havoc on our economy.

Loss of this land will not only impact recreation, but also tourism, mining, logging and farming, to mention a few. Fire management would be forbidden, only increasing our already dangerously high risk of fire due to the immense fire load in surrounding forests and watersheds due to increased vegetation.

We are a sovereign county and have the right and the power to protect all that is guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution, a document that supersedes all others. Will our officials, elected by the people (not the frogs) and charged with protecting our welfare, choose to exercise that power? I believe to do otherwise is to be complicit in the demise of our community and to abandon their oaths of office. Please educate yourself on this and get involved before it’s too late.

Don Jeffrey lives in Grass Valley.

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