Agenda 21 a real threat, just well disguised |

Agenda 21 a real threat, just well disguised

It is easily debunked, and it was done so easily and purposefully, but Agenda 21 is real and a threat to the sovereignty of ours and other nations.

Anyone who doesn’t take it seriously is not paying attention and not concerned with the truth. I was surprised that a person so well educated in political science was so naïve. Then I remembered a graduate class in political science I took after I graduated from the University of Utah in Spanish with a minor in political science. The professor openly advocated one world government. That surprised me then because Utah is a very conservative state.

And it is surprising now but not really. One can only imagine what the liberal mind was doing in such highly regarded liberal intellectual think tanks as Harvard and Columbia. That was the very environment where communism was given such grand acceptance and acclaim in the years after World War II. No government system is so repressive and individual freedom so lacking as under communism. It is so out of character for Americans to look there for happiness, for freedom. Yet to the socialist mind, it is heaven. That is because they have never lived under such repression. Up until now they have enjoyed the freest government on earth.

One way to “debunk” a conspiracy with a purpose of hiding the truth is to make the unsuspecting public think that such a concept “laughable” and that it is foolish to even consider it. In her column, Ms. Heidi Hall does that very effectively, even to casting aspersions and suspicion at our sheriff’s intelligence for being in attendance. This is a bold attempt to make you think that looking further into Agenda 21 is a waste of your time. Sit back, relax. There is no conspiracy, no threat. But, she makes the mistake of telling you to get on the Internet and check out Agenda 21. I urge you to do the same. What you will discover is the opposite of what Ms. Hall is telling you.

One way to “debunk” a conspiracy with a purpose of hiding the truth is to make the unsuspecting public think that such a concept “laughable” and that it is foolish to even consider it.

Agenda 21 even provides you with maps of how it is going to limit access to rural areas and force people to live in cities. One wonders who is going to feed the populace if the farmers are forced to live off the farms. This is all couched in veiled undefined terms such as “sustainable growth.”

When you inquire as to what “sustainable growth” is you will get a very unsatisfactory explanation. This program by the UN has been going on since 1992 when the socialists of the world congregated in Rio de Janeiro under the auspices of the United Nations and created this plan. Check your local, state and federal government agencies and you will discover several with the purpose of maintaining “sustainable growth.” One of the great hates of the socialistic world is the U.S.A. So while other countries are also targeted, the U.S.A. is the major concern of the socialists.

Who is paying for the purchase of abandoned rural areas? You and I are. Our tax dollars go to fund these agencies and their programs. The UN is funded primarily by our tax dollars. We are the major contributors to the economy of the UN. Without our money, the UN would die. We need to kick the UN out of the U.S.A. to stop funding it. Ms. Hall cites as one of the good things done by the UN is providing peace-keeping forces in areas of conflict. The UN has no peace-keeping forces. We provide the military as do other countries who voluntarily give soldiers. The cost of the peace-keeping forces is born by our largess. Our state and local Agenda 21-affiliated agencies are funded by our tax dollars, but if you ask if they are Agenda 21 agencies, they will deny it.

Be not deceived, it is a worldwide conspiracy, and it is well on its way to success.

D. Keith Miller lives in Penn Valley.

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