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Tucker offers treatment ofchronic pain through acupuncture

Editor's Note: Dennis Tucker is a licensed acupuncturist at Sierra Clinic of Oriental Medicine, in Nevada City, specializing in treatment of chr

Acupuncture and oriental medicine.

We assess and treat a wide spectrum of health problems in our general practice, using conventional and functional medicine lab tests and other assessment procedures. We also use nutritional medicine and non-pharmaceutical supplements.

Common health complaints among our patients include digestive, urological, respiratory and neurological disorders, persistent fatigue, chronic headaches and inhalant and food sensitivities.

We assist with behavior modification to address prevention and quality of life. This includes nutrition, diet, stress management and minimal fitness goals.

Our goal always is to treat the whole person which, as much as possible, involves a treatment plan addressing all of the patient’s health concerns.

We see our practice as integrated with conventional medicine and encourage all of our patients to have a primary care physician and get routine checkups.

This is our thirtieth year in private practice.

The specific technique that I learned in Japan, which I refer to as neuromuscular mapping, is based on a refined system of palpation (touch) to precisely map injury sites and surrounding areas, and the use of specialized acupuncture treatment techniques.

I combine this approach with neuro-anatomy to treat a wide variety of chronic pain and disability that has proven unresponsive to previous interventions. This technique is not a panacea for chronic pain, but I have patients have responded to this approach.

Those who are interested can ask about a study I recently published that explains this technique in greater detail as it relates to therapy-resistant, spine-related pain syndromes.

Patients accepted for this treatment must exhibit clear, sustained improvement in the initial series of treatments, or they are released from care. It’s gratifying to see people released from chronic pain.


Patients pay at time of service. We provide a superbill (appropriately coded), which the patient can submit to their insurance company.

In 1971, I found myself in Japan on a fellowship and still in chronic pain from a near-fatal motorcycle accident that occurred my sophomore year in college. I went to a highly regarded acupuncturist in Japan out of desperation – with low expectations, because I had already exhausted conventional options.

To my great surprise and relief, I responded very well to treatment.

Since little was known about acupuncture in the United States at that time, the Watson Foundation encouraged me to do an informal outcome study, and it became clear that many chronic pain patients, who came from all over Japan to see Dr. Hirota, were responding in a unique way to this specialized approach to acupuncture therapy.

This was the catalyst for what became a six-year course of study which included a hospital residency at the Amagasaki Prefectural Hospital.

When I returned, I earned a doctoral degree in health and human services through a California-accredited program at Columbia Pacific University, formerly in San Rafael.

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