Top 10 ways you know you’re a Grass Valley/Nevada City local |

Top 10 ways you know you’re a Grass Valley/Nevada City local

We posed this statement to our Facebook readers last week and received more than 200 responses:

After sifting through all of the answers, here are the Top 10 ways you know you’re a Grass Valley/Nevada City local!

10. “When you remember when Grass Valley Charter was called…”

Occupy Hennessy school protest planned


9. “When you know you’ve got it good.”

Smooth paddling up at Bullards.#BeforeWaterSkiers #A DayAtPlay

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8. “When naked pot-smokers are no big deal.”

Naked runner spotted on trail


7. “When K-Mart is life.”


6. “When you remember working at local businesses that don’t exist anymore.”

After 54 years, Gold Bowl closes for good


5. “When you know what the saying ‘Going down the hill’ means.”


4. “When driving from Nevada City to Grass Valley seems like a long drive for you.”


3. “When you know who “Jonesy” was”

R.I.P Jonesy : Aug. 31, 1911 – Aug. 5, 2004


2. “When you know what S.P.D. stands for.”

ANSWER: See, Painter and Dilley…

SPD Market: It’s allabout the customer


And the number one way you know you’re a local is….

1.  “When you know the color of Kenny Bond’s bike.”

ANSWER: Yellow

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