.Timelines Test your knowledge of Nevada County history ? by Bob Wyckoff ? | TheUnion.com

.Timelines Test your knowledge of Nevada County history ? by Bob Wyckoff ?

Let’s do some more Nevada County names. Some people think that Rough and Ready was named after Gen. William Henry Harrison. Fact is, R and R was named to honor the memory of Gen. Zachary Taylor, Old Rough and Ready, of the Mexican War. Both men were presidents of the United States and both died in office; Harrison after only a month and Taylor after about a year.

1. Which of the following was not at one time a Nevada County post office: (a) French Corral, (b) Red Dog or (c) Higgins Corner?

2. Many little towns quickly sprang up during the Gold Rush and beyond, and just as quickly faded into obscurity. Which of the following was not a Nevada County town: (a) Blocksburg, (b) Little York or (c) Christmas Hill?

3. Naming mountain peaks to honor a person is a favorite of many. Which of the following named peaks are located in Nevada County: (a) Mount Lola, (b) Mount Findley or (c) English Mountain?

4. Which of the following statements are true? (a) Sweetland was named to honor Henry P. Sweetland, who had a trading post there in 1852; (b) Mayflower Estates (on Banner Mountain) was built by descendants of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620; or (c) Donner, Malakoff Diggins and Empire Mine are all California state parks in Nevada County.

5. Which of the following were station stops on the Narrow Gauge: (a) Shebley’s, (b) Union Hill or (c) Town Talk Summit?


1. (c) Higgins Corner.

2. (a) Blocksburg is in Humboldt County. Little York and Christmas Hill were hydraulic mining towns.

3. All are in Nevada County.

4. (a) and (c) are true.

5. All are listed in the NCNGRR’s June 1890 schedule.

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