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Timelines: Test your knowledge of Nevada County history

It seems correct, when talking about or giving directions to towns or places in Nevada County, to say, go “up to” or “down to.” Are we sure that our directions will be correct, elevation wise? Let’s see if we really mean “up” or “down.”

1. Am I correct when I say, “I’m going from Nevada City down to Washington?” Yes or no.

2. From Nevada City, will I travel up or down to North San Juan?

3. I’m headed from Grass Valley to Nevada City. Will I travel “up to” or go “down to?”

4. From Grass Valley or Nevada City, we will go “up” to Donner Summit on Interstate 80, which is (a) 7,239 feet above sea level, (b) 6,545 feet above sea level or (c) 8,356 feet above sea level?

5. Again, from either town, we will go “down” to see the Bridgeport covered bridge at elevation (a) 1,560 feet, (b), 2,300 feet or (c) 567 feet?


1. No. Nevada City’s elevation is 2,525 feet while Washington is higher at 2,612 feet.

2. Down. North San Juan, “Queen of the Ridge,” is some 400 feet lower at 2,102 feet above sea level.

3. “Up to.” Grass Valley’s elevation is 2,420 feet, while the county seat is 105 feet higher.

4. Donner Summit is (a) 7,239 feet above sea level.

5. It seems higher, but Bridgeport’s elevation is (c) 567 feet.

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