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Please identify and/or locate the following businesses or public facilities. NOne exist by the listed name today and some do not physically exist.

1. The Sing Lee Laundry was located in (a) North San Juan, (b) Rough and Ready or (c) Nevada City.

2. Identify and locate Pegar’s “Y”, in (a) Penn Valley, (b) Grass Valley or (c) North Bloomfield.

3. Serra Hall was in (a) Grass Valley, (b) North Bloomfield or (c) Graniteville.

4. McKillican and Mobley store: (a) Chicago Park, (b) Peardale or (c) North Bloomfield.

5. Babe’s Place and Market: (a) Washington, (b) North San Juan or (c) Red Dog.


1. (c) The building still stands on Commercial Street, two doors east of the northeast corner. For many years it was the site of annual Artists’ Christmas Fair.

2. (a) Pegar’s was a favorite spot for a “cold beer on a warm day.” It was at the Southwest of the “Y” of the Marysville Highway, old Highway 20 and the Spenceville Road. Today the “Y” is at the renamed Penn Valley Drive and Spenceville Road. A. E. Pegar was the proprietor.

3. Grass Valley’s branch of Bank of America, northeast corner of Neal and Church streets, is the former location of Serra Hall, a meeting facility.

4. (c) The old McKillican and Mobley general store served generations of residents and also housed the North Bloomfield Post Office. It is in restoration and is part of the Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park.

5. (b) The late Babe Pignallia was a fixture on the Ridge. Babe’s Market and Place were side by side on Highway 49, in the center of town. Babe would frequently host a free spaghetti feed for all in the “dining room” next door to the “cocktail lounge.”

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